March 14th, 2019


The EMPORIUM is back!


The EMPORIUM has returned! Helliluia! Go tell it on ze mountain! This is epic! All the style and Hellegance, inclusive of much of the literature, music, and clothing hitherto difficult to find on the secular sources! Everything is picking up were it left off, preserving all those preferable aesthetics! In My estimation, the merchandise possessed on THE EMPORIUM is incomparable!

The Black Flame & The Trident magazines! Threnody For Humanity by Magus Gilmore and Lerue Delashay's compositions! All readily available! Baphomet printed clothing {which I would be pleased to display}! Baphomet jewelry! Clear, crisp, and sharp angles! Even the dual colorations are intricately contained within the goat head itself, with richer, darker tones! Magus Anton Szandor LaVey posters!

THE EMPORIUM is where I possessed My first cloisonne' Baphomet, and what an exciting day it was! The first officially licensed medallions! These are high quality, highly detailed pieces that remain favorites! I look forwards to seeing the proliferation and forthcoming additions!