March 4th, 2019


The Lady In White, Firestarter...

All My best recollections of Katherine Helmond are from the supernatural thriller The Lady In White, then the quite generic TV series Soap, which I don't watch; and also in Who's The Boss, playing Angela's mother {but I would watch from time to time, mainly for Alyssa Milano, whom I had a junior crush on}! In the former, she plays the legendary ghost of a woman searching for her daughter, which is actually part of local lore. The latter as the co-matriarch of a family, kind of a flirtatious airhead.

As to THE LADY IN WHITE, now she can truly be in character!

Also on this date, one Keith Flint {appropriately named} commits suicide. I recall the ubiquitous song "Firestarter" {perhaps named after the iconic film by the same name?} in heavy rotation, yet really enjoyed every time I heard it, and when I came into possession of the CD*, discovered so much more throughout the rest of the opus, delving deeper into this electronic, industrial type music, that I really never listened to otherwise {NIN & EHC are exceptions} - the song was actually quite brutal, heavy, and punching, with complex permutations worthy of the name 'prodigy', in the sense that there really was nothing quite like it at the time. Sort of an 'industrial punk', as it were. Nitzer Ebb and Skinny Puppy are close, and the overall presentation was rather dystopian, with Flint's appearance being almost diabolical {but also reminding one of "Vyvyan" from The Young Ones} and Johnny Rotten, with a frenetic energy {almost reminiscent of a meth &/or cocaine induced monkey!} that might actually cause one to vaguely "dance"?, or at least be a hoof tapper! He might also have made for a Joker type!

This personality characterization seems to have become well-replicated by the herd, and seems it was indeed a precognitive mold, even with the piercings.

Though Firestarter was emergent, I found the video for Smack My Bitch Up to be far more intriguing and revelatory of Flint's personal expressions and even identity dispositions, which may prove very telling, and many would find disturbing. Another remarkable video musically akin to Firestarter is Breath, displaying darker theatrical aesthetics reminiscent of nightmarish fane, and remarkably OMEN, featuring a very Wednesday Addams-esque character contributing an apparently irreconcilable, though complementary xylophone to the composition as well as a contrasted wandering little ghoul in the video.
* Which I traded a girlfriend's little brother for the tape, being the primarily method I listened to music.

Then there's that 'Luke Perry' guy with the big forehead, whose name I vaguely remember as being in that atrocious 90210 {propagating trendy, generic attitudes and opinions, appearance, clothing and manner of speech!}, and was apparently on Buffy as well... underwhelmed. So whatever.

RIP: 6'4" 458 lbs. King Kong Bundy is gone too! Seen him on many occasions wrestling for WWF. A big, bald, monstrosity likened Butterbean, who defeated the great majority of those placed against him, and even wrestled Hulk Hogan! But he could never defeat The Undertaker! Even He succumbed to The Tombstone Piledriver!