February 14th, 2019

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet




{In observation of Lupercalia, I offer this a bloody tale about a family of werewolves, an archetype of elite predation, and a 'battle' between those who fear them}.


The moon is full as the blue clouds part in the night
Looking down upon Me with its evil eye
I get that dreaded feeling once again in My bones
I must return to the basement below My home
I must be chained before the transmutation begins
But then I feel My body start to twitch
Crouching in pain as I fall into a ditch
Clutching My heart as it races rapidly
I feel the evil growing inside of Me
Heat of My flesh lights up the cold darkness
My head is spinning, I'm going blind
The pentagram appears upon My palm
Screaming... as it starts... again...!

Racing through the forest seeking human flesh
On the trail for the scent of blood
Covered with hair, & all I see is red
Baring My deadly jaws, glistening death
Unheard clawsteps riding on the wind
Extended blades eager to lacerate
I spot My prey walking down the hill
This plump young morsel will give Me My fill
Pounce upon the carcass with all bestial lust
Ripping it to shreds like unto a rag doll
I howl in the moonlight, proclaiming My kill
I take the soul of My victim, I feel the chill
This carnage is My ambrosia...


I fall back in bliss with My stomach full
Pick My teeth with the bones
Stare at Luna's fading light
Intoxicating ecstacy takes My mind away
Her face grows pale as I sleep...

A cold winter breeze sweeps over My naked flesh
Awakening Me to a horrific reality
I killed again last night, the bloodstains tell the story
Must hide & seek shelter & return to My home
Steal a horse & clothes to make it to My sanctuary
High up on a hill, away from the rest
Only Me & My family, brothers of the coat
Across the drawbridge & over the moat
Into the arms of the Devil's own
All eyes aflicker for the Satanimal-man
Orgy by the fireplace, bestial lust
Together as one, growling in unison
With black candlewax seal the werewolf pact

Mere mortal flesh seeks to destroy Us
Only serve as appetizers for Our voraciousness
Here Out power is the strongest
We let them come forward to fall into Our trap
Slice them, dice them, let them feel Our wrath
My brother takes a silver bullet into his back
Pouncing on the bastard, I slice his puny neck
I make him EAT the crucifix he once held in his hand
Sweet blood pours along the mortar of the floor
Its owners in their last throes of death
Victorious, We prepare the ceremonial banquet
Together praise Volkh, King of the Wolves!

"Even a man who is pure at heart & says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolvesbaine blooms, & the autumn moon is bright..."