February 6th, 2019


True Crime Asks

How long have you been interested in true crime? I've always had a morbid fascination ever since I found certain newspapers displaying crime photography.
how did you get into the tcc/who or what sparked your interest? The Encyclopedia of Aberrant Behavior.
are you wanting a career where you can use your knowledge/interest in true crime? e.g. forensics etc. I have taken courses in abnormal psychology and Criminology at Rio Hondo College.
Do you prefer researching serial killers or mass shooters? Serial Killers, then mass murderers.
what do your friends/families think about your interest? They probably think it figures, considering all the other dark subject matter I study. Although I have found that these complement eachother nicely.
have you ever lost friends because of your interest in true crime? Not that I know of. However, if so, they were probably nor true friends to begin with! True friends would complement and accept one's interests, as peculiar as they may be!
Barbed wire
what is your favourite thing about the TCC? Rare displays of material not hitherto witnessed.
what is your favourite thing to learn about true crime cases? E.g. a killers past, the hunt to find the killer etc. Motives, crime details, and childhood traumas.