January 14th, 2019


Hellhouse spotlight


An impressive edifice to be sure, and a veritable "nightmare" Hellhouse of One's dark dreams! Right off the bat, I can see a face in the left side of the top front window as part of the white curtain, with mouth open wide, as if screaming. Over on the extreme left, an impression upon the wood itself, like a head peering out. On the extreme right window, there appears to be a standing shadowy form in the corner of the window. At the top tip of the tree, is what appears to be the profile of a jester face complete with a shadowy eyeball and black lips, while the end of the hat appears to be a basilisk with darting tongue.

I would say these environmental impressions are definitely indicative of a haunting. Plus, the delightfully desiccated tree would make for a fine hellhound house!