January 11th, 2019

winged skull, vampire, predator

Phantom of Fright!


Is that you, Aunt Singe?

Just this past night, I was gifted this marvelous sculpture entitled "Phantom of Fright" by artist Jim Shore - she seems to encapsulate most all hellements Halloween. A skeletal witch, flying free upon her broomstick by an oaken tree with thorned vines & roots, accompanied by her demonic feline {with barbed tail!}, and a little rat beneath her cowl, which is fastened with a broach that appears to be her own face! Which I'm sure she can slip on and off as she chooses for whatever purposes desired!

Of course, she has been infernally consecrated, and is to be displayed all year 'round in her special spot with her own illumination.



The Devil's Tool!


A Ninja is never without one's weapon, obvious ones or not. Traditionally, most ancient weapons formalized from tools to be utilized for either/or purposes. Eventually, specialized weapons and tools were created for specific purposes, yet most anything can be used as a weapon, if only observing the environment around you, including the environment itself!

I happen to possess a 'Leatherman Wave' multi-purpose tool I carry with Me most everywhere I go, which carries a very "Batman" aesthetic {Batman/Ninja aesthetics tend to be interchangeable}, which modifies to suit most purposes, situations, and capers. When fully opened it resembles some sort of demonic tool of torture with an almost Lovecraftian or Gigerian visage, or a possessed metal creature come alive to dissect limb from limb!

Unfortunately, during all the moving to and from upon the earth seeing whom I may devour, it became temporarily misplaced, which can happen to the beast of us, so it behooves one to take further precautions. Yet the pro-active attitude is that it is still in one's possession, yet misplaced to return, and so it has, yet not without Satanic intervention.

So it came to pass upon realization of its disappearance, one retraces one's steps in one's mind {physically, if necessary}, with an apport being a further step, again, if necessary {whose principles are writ in Dracomeroth}.

Besides considerate inquiry, by the process of elimination, it was revealed whom a probable suspect was, and by The Devil's Hook identified, was tormented by Demonic attack! Writhing & moaning in apparent agony! Which served as confirmation! And thus it was resolved when the culprit handed it back to Me! Hail SATAN!


Testamonial Ck'n Choiniere II

In Fine Company... *

Dracomeroth {Codex Satani}, The Devil's Scroll {Codex Diaboli}, The Devil's Diaries {Codex Daemonum; magazine compendium book} with The Satanic Bible/Rituals, The Satanic Scriptures, The Last Templar, Satan, Satanism, Witchcraft, The Satanists, The Witch of Babylon.

[from the book collection of Ck'n Choiniere]

* Despite one irrelevancy, probably kept solely as reference material