January 4th, 2019




An apparent reverberative effect occurred wherein a couple of residents made commentary to which I took some umbrage, and decided to Hook them for their uncalled-for cowardliness. When what should occur a short time later while returning from My destination, but a yowling voice emanating from a nearby room. As I neared to listen, I heard talk of blood being upon a broken mirror...

We know that besides being gratifying reflective surfaces asserting pride, & an oracle by the Art of Scrying, Mirrors are portals, especially when drawn upon with The Pentagram that activates it for that purpose, allowing for certain shadow energies to come forth to aid one in one's Spell, Will. The portal may operate in both directions, as a sending forth as well as receiving. Therefore, whereupon expressing one's ire, The Pentagram collects that hatred and amassed energy influx, and sends it forth through the mirror portals directly towards those to whom it is intended. Some techniques are described in Dracomeroth.

Additionally, a principle of this dynamic is recalled wherein Emon saw that Pentagram upon his carpet which he could not erase, while The Shadowmirror I employed within My Noctuary Chamber reflected The Pentagram inscribed thereon upon My carpet as well. This signifies an etheric connection, serving as an ingress into his environment.

* For whatever reason, some of the herd have taken to referring to the diabolical aesthetic as misnomered "ugly", when in fact more correctly termed "frightening"; so perhaps it seems a reactionary attempt in response to intimidation.