December 31st, 2018


New Year eviLIVe


Year of Satan LIV belongs to Us, as in EVILIVE*, as it was has always been, is, and ever shall be! The sacrifices have been terminated, while the rotten continue to suffer, to our great pleasure, as we feast upon well-wrought banquets that shall sustain us throughout the winter unto the renewal of Nature sublime. May our chosen libations, confections, fumigations, erotica, and all pleasures of the flesh in which we continue to partake be plentiful!

Growing in Power & Wisdom on all levels of being, ascending and empowering The Infernal Alignment within ourselves, reflecting upon accomplishment and victorious exploits, accumulating more Power unending!

EVILIVE sumptuously, take that which tempts whenever you can, and 'sin' well! Joy to the flesh forever! The Beast is yet to come!

In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire, The Black Earth
'New Year's' EviLIVe

*"...'Evil' we are! Why not take advantage of it and live!" {'evil' reversed; The Satanic Bible}.
**Other religions & countries: This time, as it varies, Jews celebrate "Rosh Hashanah" new year on 9/29,10/1, Chinese on 2/5, & 8/30,31 for mooselims.

In the West, beginning with Julius Caesar, followed by a catholic pope, January has collectively become the norm for the New Year, for whatever reason {in the poope's case, probably to approximate the nazarene's false birthdate, then subsequently for international business purposes, i.e., 1st quarter [Q1]}. Though it is more traditionally seasonal to begin the new year in March by the Spring Equinox, ending in February per Romulus & Remus' months have been named so, some begin the year on Halloween {"Satan's Birthday"}, and yet others on Walpurgisnacht {Church of Satan's Birthday}, still others on One's own Birthday {Dracmas, "Candlemas Evil"}, My personal observance as well as the following. Still others without any significance of linear numerage, endeavoring & practicing principles of timelessness without measure.

👹 👹 👹

Also, whether observing or not, let us welcome The Namahage! From Yomi 黄泉, I bid thee welcome, veritable Hellemental Daemon Brothers & Sisters from The East! Thine abyssal howls as the frozen winds echo across mountains, hills, and wilderness! Mighty horns and tusks, fangs and glowing eyes, staves alight with The Flames of Hell! Come forth in terror and Might! Hail Oyama!