December 24th, 2018

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Ricky Questionnaire

Ramirez Questionnaire

If I were president, I'd: Have a personal harem, complete the points of Daemonocracy, legalize prostitution, drugs, & suicide. Responsibility to the responsible.
What I don't like about people: Most everything. People are stupid, obnoxious, ugly, presumptuous, loud, rude, & annoying. I have found that people are only interesting when they are either dead or dying, and in the commission of lethal stupidity upon themselves.
My Biggest Fear: ? Fear is but a stepping stone for The Strong. I CONQUER.
Pet Peeves: People assuming you're interested in what they are. Superstitions: Only what I have personally utilized to create a tradition fully realized, ergo, "superstition vs. stuporstition" {Dracomeroth}.
Friends like me because: Have 1 "friend", others online acquaintances.
Behind My Back They Say: Words of Praise. Otherwise they are as chaff before the cyclone!
If I were an animal, I'd be: D R A G O N
Personal Goals In Life: POWER on all levels of Being!
Favorite Color: DARK. Favorite Number: 666, 13, 9
Political views: Daemonocracy, and whatever works for Me to bring forth My Will!
Thoughts On Crime: There must be regulation. Otherwise, there is chaos. There must be discipline and social modes of conduct, be it DRACONIAN to achieve balance! To preserve pleasure & promote evolution, progress. Only permissible in the defense of being, loved ones, and Lair.
Thoughts On Drugs: Legalize for stratification and concepts of Social Darwinism! People will not be protected from their own Stupidity!
Thoughts On Sex: Everything goes with those of likened disposition!
Sexual Likes/Dislikes: All that which pleases the senses!
Describe First Sexual Encounter: Exquisite. Melting into flesh.
What I expect From Friendships: Loyalty, truth, complementary exchange of wisdom & consideration. Added strength!
Religious Thinking: Satanism. Religion, Lifestyle, Philosophy.
What Are You Thinking Now: Confirmations of Magical manifestation, and sacrificial offerings!