December 18th, 2018


D/Evil Eyes


ITEM: Yowie's glowing eyes spotted in Australia.

I absolutely captured demonic energy and "presence" in the churchway photo upon its immolation, as witnessed in the following photograph from churchway to Hell:

One detects a couple of Demonic blazing eyes right next to the steeple! Still a very pleasing rumination of Satanic Victory!

Reminds one of the Evil eyes from The Amityville Horror:

winged skull, vampire, predator

Snow Zombies!

I promote this idea of creating various snow creatures, a variation on the typical "snowman" - just as there are a plethora for sand {of course, if you happen to reside in a beach or desert-like environment, take advantage of those resources!}; there may also be snow demons, snow dragons, snow vampires, snow witches, sexy vixens, obelisks, hellscapes, etc., whatever the imagination may create! Imagine possessing Frosty's hat then!