December 16th, 2018

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Dave's Killer Bread!


Dave's "Killer" Bread

While 'Hunting', as I was walking down a market aisle recently, I frequently spot this character in the bread section, who rather looks like an Italian Lothario, a seeming Gaston-type, who is said to be an illustrated version of "Dave Dahl", an ex-con who spent 17 years in prison for burglary. Even though he could have taken advantage of the fortune of having a family business for his ready participation early on. After spending over a decade imprisoned, he seemingly came to his senses and decided to rejoin the family business, until mental illness took a toll wherein he went on a DUI chase and collided into several police cars, sending three officers to the hospital.

Part of the proceeds are said to go to crime-prevention resources.

No matter the history, to Me, the illustration looks like none other than a pumped up Vlad Tepes, perhaps serenading Elizabeth Bathory! With what looks like it could be a Les Paul guitar! There is no mistaking that the bread is damned good! So I think the original purpose has been fulfilled! 21 grains and seeds! My chosen is the Power Seed, 21 whole grains, and white - all organic! Most ideal for peanut butter & jelly, toast, and packed, hefty sandwitches!


With a light sprinkling of what appears to be confectioner's flour {let's hope so, knowing Dahl}, the consistency is perfect for whatever you want to place on it, add ing as much tactfully to the eating experience as the flavor itself.


With hints of pumpernickel and rye, the bread is soft and tender, both able to hold what you apply onto it, and parting deviliciously like virgin hair. The most supple of wheat.