December 14th, 2018

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Captured a new item while out and about "hunting" at the local grocery store recently. These cheese doodles are made completely of peas, but may as well be potatoes for the texture and taste. But what caught My attention in particular is the amusing name - "peatos" - to match "cheetos", which this brand almost has a psychotic animosity for, even choosing another type of predatory cat, a tiger, as if to "challenge" Chester Cheetah! They also claim to be a healthier option of snack using pea flour, lentil flour and fava bean protein.

Amusingly, that word also happens to literally translate to "spout" in Spanish, and furthermore, "penis" in slang! Now, depending on the clientele, this could either work for or against the company. For instance, one of the reasons why "Osco" drug failed, was for hispanic customers at least to register the word "disgusting" in their minds, being the similarity to the word "asco".

In any case, there are four flavors of "peatos" to choose from: Classic cheese {more or less just like cheeztits}, fiery hot {you can really taste the lentils, prefer Red Hot Cheetos}, chili cheese {always a win}, and "masala" {for a more homestyle, almost curry-like style}. Due to the former flavor, this snackrifice originates from Central Asia, India - something one would find at Trader Joe's Addams Family Foodshoppe, though available at select Kroger stores.

As far as comparisons, Cheetos are a bit larger & cheesier, while both retain their distinctive flavors, and make for excellent croutons.


VENOM: Storm The Gates


VENOM: Storm The Gates
1. Bring Out Your Dead [3:21] 2. Notorious [4:16] 3. I Dark Lord [4:41] 4. 100 Miles To Hell [4:48] 5. Dark Night (Of The Soul) [4:48] 6. Beaten To A Pulp [3:14] 7. Destroyer [4:18] 8.The Mighty Have Fallen [3:15] 9. Over My Dead Body [5:07] 10. Suffering Dictates [3:10] 11. We The Loud [3:55] 12. Immortal [4:32] 13. Storm The Gates [3:47]

Another impressive unleashing from The Mighty VENOM straight from the heart of Hell, culling back to the Infernal Trinity sound of Welcome To Hell, Black Metal, and Possessed.

My personal favorites in this musickal grimoire are Bring Out Your Dead {can either be the historical inference of delivering the plague-lades corpses from the Dark Ages, or take a mark on those whom dares defy, using them as an example through the favored method of decapitation & impalement, and allowing their nightmares to manifest; I Dark Lord {A Satanic statement in itself and supreme imperious embodiment}, 100 Miles To Hell {and enjoying the way there! Celebrations in The Abyss, infernal joy in the "Palace of Evil"!}, Dark Night of The Soul & Beaten To A Pulp {for those times when it may be the only option to teach a lesson by muscle, bone, and blood! And relish wickedly in that justified dispensation!}, Over My Dead Body {surpassing the stultifying influences of blindlight and/or political propaganda and following one's own black flame}, but by far, the beast tune herein is IMMORTAL, which begins with a single gritting guitar, breaking forth into an omnipresent sound filling the senses with Power, then onto Storm The Gate, carrying that demonic spirit to the hilt - there is no other option but Victory!

Always recommended while Pumping Iron, and of course, whatever you may be doing wherever on Satan's Black Earth you may be!

The album cover art is epic as always, featuring The Sabbatic Baphomet enthroned whereupon Demons of Death emerge from The Nether Gates of hellfire to unleash wrath upon the hapless masses 'neath The blazing Pentagram! The Baphomet itself breaks from its firmament to become flesh! In-between the hooves, reminiscent of Infernal Throne positioned above the veritable Hellfire place of The Inferno!

The Vocals & Bass by Cronos is certainly heavily discernible, preserving that certain Might for full possession.

* Malefick Musick/VENOM on SHADOWMANTIUM