December 13th, 2018





Whenever I hear this passive-aggressive statement directed towards Me, I take it as a complement, because that means I Am not like as they, and I Am free to follow My passions, nature, make My own responsible decisions as I see fit, without some sort of mandated moral obligation feeding someone else's agenda, or begging to some fictional notion in the sky, or asking to be spoonfed upon how to live my life, or bending to some manipulative guiltrip.

I Am Strong enough to stand on My own hooves, without any crutches of insecurity, or justifications for weakness or insanity. So in fact, I do not need to go to your churches to absolve myself of anything, place charity money in the tray {they should be paying taxes anyway}. Fact is, I do not "need" 'jesus', that archetype can take those wastrels, for they certainly wouldn't be able to handle Satan!


Construx Beastman


Mega Construx | Masters of The Universe | BEAST MAN
[series 2]

What a pleasure to find this mini-version of a beastly friend! Reminds Me of the first time I opened the MOTU figure once upon a timelessness.* A bit larger of course, but still infused with awesome wonder! This version by Construx features a lego base {I posed him in striking motion, one foot forwards with arm extended}. The figure itself features surprising reticulation and detail to get all those characteristics to a fine level, while still maintaining a solid play piece! That is to say, that even if he were to fall off the display case, his robust constitution retains all quality. Plus, instead of a comic book, there's a set of "instructions" included, as if needed!

Stemming from the amazing cartoon show, which eventually spawned a movie, the Dracling sits front and center every afternoon after school to be transversed into the mighty world of Eternia, centered around Castle Grayskull & Snake Mountain, and who will complete The Sword of Eternia to become the Ultimate Master of The Universe; with its powerful & inspirational characters like Skelator, Beastman, He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Orko, and a host of others with incredible abilities and unique personalities. The corresponding She-Ra {He-Man's sister}, The Sorceress, with its own impressive villains like Hordak and his horde.

Beastman is Skelator's brutish henchman enduring his caustic tongue, and with his mighty whip, searing his enemy's flesh and bone! The lycanthrope, Beast+Man symbolic of retaining that intimate connection to one's feral nature & instincts, that of a beast, and maximizing all mental and physical strengths thereof. After all, there is a Beast Man that should be exercised, not exorcised! So whenever in the mood, evocations may take precedence, and veritable golems can come forth, as one practices such a pure form of Witchcraft stemming from days of yore, remaining in the ever-present now!

Amusingly, Masters of The Universe actually made an impression upon The Satanic Panic, being featured in several fundamentalist presentations {who take the fun out of most everything, yet become unintentionally funny as self-parody}. At the time, it was the allure of the Powerful aesthetics, terminology, battles, Sorcery, ethical behavior, advice, and unique legendry all its own, sans any blindlight contamination.**

[5/5] For this impressive figurine! Also available in series 2 of MOTU so far: Teela! Snake Sorceress! Futurama's Bender & Fry, & Star Trek's Spock & Kirk.

* Then subsequently, there are the 12" versions, which are articulated at the midsection of the torso as well as the hips, with swiveling hands & ankle joints, more extensive neck and overall appendage positioning, etc.; overall more realistic-looking poses.
** Of course, considering their corrupt history, and desire to "lord over" everything, they have no say whatsoever in the availability of the figures or animation in society, but could only restrict it in their own homes, and cry about it in church. Overall with the result of stunted, pusillanimous children into a'dolts!


Mighty Mugs Darth Vader


MIGHTY MUGS Darth Vader by Hasbro

Darth Baby? Reminiscent of MOTU's Man-E-Faces, is this stout Vader figure with interchangeable faces when pressed upon the hellmet. Actually, the size and proportions does remind one of Spaceballs' Dark Helmet! Imagine a Mighty Mugs version of that character!:

"Evil will always triumph, because 'good' is dumb".

Wielding His red lightsaber, he displays three faces - one smiling, one scowling, and one straight-on. Although it is amusingly obvious that this is a metal helmet with only one configuration! With the ever-prevailing impression of pure Evil.

Amusing for really little kids, with a presentation similar to "amine" style", not the preferable epic. Various characters also available like Stormtroopers, Luke, Lea, Han Solo, and Chewbacca.