December 10th, 2018

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Manson Gang?

There's this photo floating around of Marilyn Manson posing with a bunch of cholos while gesticulating the "Fuck You" finger. Don't know what that's about, except it looks like a hypothetical wherein "what if MM played the Joker and these gangscum beaners are his goons?" After all, a declension has already been portrayed in "Suicide Squad" & "Batman vs. Superman" {a completely unnecessary concept}, wherein The Joker looks like some ghetto badly tattooed-up jailbird with a "grill" {who probably listens to c/rap}, and Batman appears like some kind of rottweiler bulldog synthesis. These are obvious attempts of directors attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the masses.

In line with "mishmash" types of scenarios with seemingly almost every presentation. Of course, such a thing would not corrupt the original presentation whatsoever, as one may watch it at one's leisure whenever one feels like it without any such thought to any of that; but parodies have always been there since day one, whether used for political statements, religious propaganda, product advertisements. criticism, whatever, but now it's just so low-class on into the gutter. But just like the rest, it shall be ignored! It'll be like "Oh look at this pedantic anomaly over here", then resume watching the superior, and only version worth watching, while the former fades into an odd footnote.

Since post-2k presentations are merely attempting to copy, or parody, or "remake" these superior productions, all coming out badly, then I bid they should be played more prominently on major channels as before, as the major concentration, with any current productions given a channel, thus filtering out the inferior shows while keeping the better ones.

Perhaps channels divided up into decade designations self-identifying: CH 30/40/50/60/70/80/90, with suffixed additions like "-1,-2,-3,-4", etc., to differentiate between sitcoms, horror/action/comedy/documentary, and so on.

As far as Manson goes, I don't listen to the music much at all - never really did beyond Antichrist Superstar {which I still enjoy from time to time}, which is comparably more or less like a "Shout At The Devil" era release.