December 6th, 2018

Hell Gate

Daemonic Baphomet


There shall be a modified Baphomet/Dracomet, that shall consist of Daemonic sigils each at the points of The Pentagram, and spaces in-between the angles. Sulfur Brimstone sigil crowning between the horns. Oroboros shall be there encircling asserting immortality. Additional sigils may be placed therein. For behold, Legions are under their command, encompassing the remaining sigils of those who populate the Stygian depths of Hell.

They Come Forth!


  • LILITH: Infernal Queen of Carnal Delights. Succubus.
  • ASMODEUS: Daemon God of Lust. Incubus.
  • BELIAL {Baal, Moloch} The Beast 666, Lord of The Earth, unbound, unchained Satanimal. Instinct.
  • LEVIATHAN {Set, Midgard, Jormungander, Oroboros, Cthulhu}. Emotions.
  • LUCIFER: Infernal Enlightenment, undefiled wisdom, forbidden knowledge, intellect.
  • BEELZEBUB: Indulgence in fine confections, libations.
  • AZAG-THOTH {Choronzon}: Daemon God of Chaos.
  • PAZUZU: Daemon God of Pestilence & disease.
  • ABADDON: The Destroyer, Devourer, Hellmouth, Dark Angel of The Bottomless Pit.
  • BRIMSTONE/SULFUR SIGIL: Sabbatic Baphomet configuration {all Hellements in All-One}. Infernal Crown from where Black Flame Hellfire emanates, symbolic of imagination, purification, creativity. Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipotence.
  • BAPHOMET {face itself, overall} May be Goat, Dragon, Devil.

So this occurred to Me to construct upon Krampusnacht XLIII, and SO IT IS DONE.