December 4th, 2018

Coat of Arms

Pentagram Wreath & Demonorah Candles


These may be displayed upon the door, and/or upon The Infernal Throne with Baphomet within, ideally upon The Mantle & over The Hellfire Place, or Altar with Wreath encircling The Sigil. The Door may include a Family Seal. Candle Ceremony may range for 9 nights, from the 13th-22nd Winter Solstice. Compleat with reading of Krampus Poems, while the Demonorah may be placed as early as Krampusnacht {12/5,6}

Pentagram Wreath

So, what does The Wreath symbolize to The Satanist? Pan-Dionysus is frequently adorned with a wreath like a crown upon The Horns, to herald the emergence of fruition and fertility, in Body, Mind, & Nature! For decorative purposes, the wreath may contain the thorn stems or even serpents {undefiled wisdom, forbidden knowledge, regeneration} forming The Pentagram {the 4 hellements, including Magic/Ether & Flesh/Self centered} or Sulfur Sigil within the circular wreath, perhaps with a skull or demon Krampus mask therein, symbolizing the cycles of Nature. Decorative lights may be even be included. The Wreath may also represent The Abyss.

9 Candles

A "Daemonorah" like that displayed for 'Hellnukah' containing nine black candles can of course represent The 9 Satanic Statements & Sins. Precluded by "Our Unholy Father", upon their lighting, a Statement may be proclaimed, and a Satanic Sin upon their extinguishing to banish those negative traits. This may be repeated nightly at either dusk or 9pm, precluding Fete Diaboli, and concluding at Midnight.

I have seen some menorahs displaying the 'Magen David', but for these purposes, can be considered the Hexagram of Belial, ideal for The Hellement of the Season. Of course, objects of a religious nature are infernally consecrated before utilized in Satanic Rites. {By The Hellements: Oil {Leviathan}, incense {Lucifer}, soil {Belial}, hellfire/candleflame {Satan}.

The first three to be lit will be done in a Pitchfork formation. Center first, then left, right, then proceeding leftwise.

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