November 1st, 2018

Hell Gate

November of Asmodeus


November is the 9th month by the Roman Romulus Calendar {"nove" = 9, Satan's Number*; the year begins in March, Spring Equinox}; of course Romulus & Remus are the founding brothers of the Roman Empire, depicted suckling upon the she-wolf {Predatory Beast, superior high on food chain, rulership}.

Asmodeus is an {Incubus} Daemon-God of sensuality, lasciviousness, debauchery, and orgies. Also of Wrath and Revenge, likened Abaddon The Destroyer, & {Dark} Angel of The Bottomless Pit. His consort/counterpart is Lilith {Succubus}; and between them indwell the lusts of fantasy and dreams made reality unto materialization. [Zodiac correlation with Jan 30-Feb 8 = 9 days]

Daemonomicon: The spellings Asmodai, Asmodee (also Asmodée), Osmodeus, and Osmodai have also been used. The name is alternatively spelled as (based on the basic consonants אשמדאי, ʾŠMDʾY) Hashmedai (חַשְמְדּאָי, Hašmədʾāy; also Hashmodai, Hasmodai, Khashmodai, Khasmodai), Hammadai (חַמַּדּאָי, Hammadʾāy; also Khammadai), Shamdon (שַׁמְדּוֹן, Šamdōn), and Shidonai (שִׁדֹנאָי, Šidonʾāy).

Infernal Names: The Satanic Bible lists ASMODEUS as "Hebrew devil of sensuality and luxury, originally "creature of judgment".


* The Unknown Known, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey.

Hell Gate


Halloween Unleashed

Another year of Infernality & sinful rapture assured, Unholy Communion partaken in pleasures & delights of the flesh, sacrifices placed in their graves, the Grande Samhain Sabbat a legendary one, Sorcery smoldering, Dread Rites to open The Gates unleashing the Hellemental Daemons from nature within & around, one complementing the other, the masks of Satan overshadowing the moon and mind, evoking nightmares come alive! Presided over by Baphomet, illuminating Satan's Throne in POWER UNENDING.


The herd generics treat Halloween as sort of a novelty, as in come and go - the companies make money off the merchandise, empty habits like religion, common prole lives, while Satanists pick and choose according to taste and practicality, then bid farewell to the poser amateurs, until next year.


If I was a MOTU character...?


It has been mused that this character resembles Me - I'll admit there is a general likeness there... in the musculature, widow's peak, slicked back hair, goatee... it has also been observed that The Undertaker bears a strong resemblance as well, and I concur, specially when donned in a trench coat or robe {Ministry of Darkness}, as well as a few Halloween masks out there, in various Devils and Sorcerers.

To this figure, I'd add a trench, shades, and a cane - then BAM! Perfect! Needless to say, The Dracling's Empire included most of the Masters of The Universe collection.