October 15th, 2018

maze, baphomet, technomancy

The Devil's Diary XXX: Helloween LIII

Via Church of Satan News
The Devil's Diary XXX: Helloween LIII

Upon this dark journey you travel upon a winding sinister path through skeletal trees which reveal an ominous diabolical church, overshadowing land like a darkhouse, emitting infernalight from the trapezoid steeple through compelling symbols of Power!

The doors creak open, a shadowy form bids you forwards, it feels like home... Embrace The Black Flame & Speak The Unholy Words!

THE BOOK & those who have signed...
Through SEASONS IN HELL we acknowledge Halloween displays & activities, SHADOW GALLERY apparitions from the Pit {with pieces from Adam Roberts & Zaemon Kane}, Satanic Panic Archives, darketypes, succubus seductions {Lilith! Queen of Delights!}, Exercising The Beast, empowering Black Earth submersion, Total Environment/Past Orthodoxy timelessness, Shinobi wisdom, NEFARIOUS NEWS, TALES FROM THE SHADOWSIDE {including a contribution from a mysterious submitter}, & BOOK OF BLINDLIGHT, + much more!

In The name of Satan! Ave Satanas! Rege Satanas! HAIL SATAN!