October 1st, 2018

winged skull, vampire, predator

October of Baal



BELIAL - (Hebrew) without a master, baseness of the earth, independence, the north. - The Satanic Bible.

Dæmonomicon: Ba’al, Baal Davar, Baal-Peor, Baalam, Baalphegor, Baalsebul, Baalzephon, Bael, Baell, BALAM, Balan, Balberith, Beal, Belberith, Beleth, Belfagor, Belial, Beliar, BELPHEGOR, BERITH, Bileth, Bilet, Byleth, and Elberith. As Berith, He is described as wearing a crown and riding a horse.

BA'AL {Bael}: God of thunderstorms, fertility and agriculture. Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians. [Goetia]. Arch Daemon.

Baal has been ascribed to the month of October, & resonant with Season Belial as Hellement of Black Earth. As such, Major Sabbath Samhain Unhallowmas peaks. Belial also presides in the month of January, through the season in Lucifer.


Walpurgisnacht - Dracmas

Aquarius by Elvia Quiroz~ AQUARIUS by Elvia Quiroz ~

It occurred to me that in order to be born on Candlemass Evil Dracmas, I would have had to have been conceived on or about Walpurgisnacht for the Nine month gestation. It is fitting that whereupon that Demonic Night of Malefick revelry & Sorcery would manifest such a Diabolical being. Born at 6:03pm on a particularly blustery evening wherein the Satanas Winds were wreaking havoc throughout the baneful Valley of the Shadow of Evil.


Are you down with The Devil?

Seems that perhaps The Satanic Panic may be back... in Rap form? Much of the terminology used in current hysterical multimedia documentaries contain references that have been part of the Satanic Panic Metal connection, just modified a bit here and there to suit genre audiences. This sub-genre is beginning to develop more prominence, and even comes with its own novelty Stryper-types in xian rap!

Except now it seems more focused on conspiracy theories centered around the |lluminat| & Shadow Government. While bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and even KISS still enjoy notoriety, Black Metal bands basque in well-deserved demonic infamy.

But oddly, now poptards have joined the fray while attempting to fill Madonna's shoes, demonstrating 'handsigns' at performances like the pyramidal third eye gesticulation*; and it is now "Okay" to sign the dreaded 666**, while even Chelsea Clinton was rumored to have an empathy for The Devil! Which is just fine, for I'm sure The Devil has something for her as well! He's been dyin' to stick His pitchfork in that there tomato!

White Wolves Praey

Seems this societal hysteria returns every so often per decade capitalizing on contemporary horror/thriller films, shock & controversial music exemplifying carnality & the occult, books on the paranormal {fact & fiction}, and dark fantasy games. Obviously every generation produces these products, and there will always be the paranoia-baiters just waiting to opportunize the gullible & fanatical, whether music industry executives, fundamentalists, or even the bands themselves!

While society dwells on these fear trends, The Church of Satan will continue disseminating the truth about Our religion straight from The Source, to those intelligent enough to comprehend it, otherwise the herd will continue to cling onto their cherished and convenient characterizations, but should be ridiculed because of it.

* We know it as The Mudra of The Black Flame.
** Formerly already contained in The Cornu.

winged skull, vampire, predator


| H A L L O W E E N |
Occult, the dark of the mind, forbidden knowledge realized!
Coven, Witches writhing, filled with Lust & Power! / Candy, Communion with The Horned One!
|rick or Treat / Thriller / Terror, pleasures & treasures!
Oneiromancy, Nightmares & Dreams come to life! Consuming and Possessing!
Blood / Beast, pounding in your veins, the desire for life! The Satanimal comes forth!
Ember / Electricity, Rising from Hellfire inside Jack O' Lanterns' demonic face! & Frankenstein comes alive!
Revenge, reaped & harvested from deserving victims! Sacrifice tonight!

{8th month of the Roman Calendar, ergo ∞}