June 16th, 2018


Pre-2K department store

I propose the idea of a store that features pre-2k culture in various departments seperated into various decades, roughly about Noir through to '99 like an historical museum of the timeless now, wherein one may collect supplies for total environment immersion. Departments display movie posters, with said films available, music, clothing, and various merchandise {toys, novelties, etc.} therefrom.

While connoisseurs of timeless inertia collect items from antique shops & stores for quality & charm, it would be complementary to gather resources with such heightened convenience. It could perhaps be called 'P2K', '6699', 'Retrovolution', 'Timeless', or 'Infinity'.

Since post-2k culture has devolved into endless replication of superior pre-2k sources, it would behoove to maintain & preserve such indefinitely, magnifying personal microcosms into the macrocosm.