May 30th, 2018


Family disappears & protects itself amidst Satanic Panic grandparents' accusations

ITEM: Family disappears after parents are exonerated of SRA

Accused by jealous grandparents. The entire claims were completely fabricated, yet the mentality can be analyzed in retrospect as the hysterical 'witchtryals' rehash. All it took in this paranoid timeframe was a simple accusation made by opportunistic extended family to basically abscond with their childrens' children manipulating the legal process due to their own psychological issues of wanting to repeat the child-raising process, of which they seemed obsessed, at the cost of breaking up their own progeny's structure. Although it could be argued that raising children in an oppressive religious household is abusive in and of itself, creating problematic clones instead of individuals who would grow to be themselves, instead of proxy trophies of parental projections of their own failures, preoccupations, or religious indoctrination. Understandably, upon being exonerated, the parents decided to make a disappearing act away from their own deceptive, controlling [grand] parentage in favor of security & privacy.

~ Sgt. Demon

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Masks & goat heads


ITEM: Clown gets creamed

That is not a clown mask, but a Don Post Nosferatu vampire mask, with the characteristic that it has just fed on blood about the mouth area. The clown was behind the mask in this case who met his just reward. Kudos to the employee for successfully defending himself and ridding the world of a deserving lowlife.

* Is Little Caesar's Satanic?

ITEM: Boston woman finds goat head & photo on hood of car

Reminds Me of that scene from The Godfather wherein that horse head is found on a pillow. Probably acquired at a butcher shop, usually for use in a menudo pot in that culture. Attaching a photo is obviously meant as a psychological manipulation and shock tactic. Would hypothetically be especially effective in that culture still steeped in Catholic stuporstition.

Still, never underestimate The Powers of The Occult!

~ Sgt. Demon