May 13th, 2018


Burger King Diamond!

Burger King Diamond

Went to Burger King upon a Nocturnal Constitutional and had a "Rodeo King", which consists of a large beef patty and bacon strips! The size was like what I remember Big Macs as being. A kid's meal was also acquired promising Justice League toys, which contained a plastic Harlequin head band. Boy says he's going to save it for the exact perfect time. Had ice coffee, and fries and onion rings with it.

So we had a good time and munched out well. Although overall I prefer Jack, though I've been in the mood for some Taco Hell lately. Overall, the food was pretty good for what it is, though at a price range one would expect at a restaurant, not a fastfood joint. The only real complaint would have to be the type and volume of the music pervading therein - TOO LOUD. Some kind of electronic dance/DJ mix like stuff that just stinks. No originally, just lame samples, redundant farty beats, & stupid sound effects. The place would be much better quiet, plus, there was someone apparently passed out or taking a bath in the restroom, and some jerk with a staring problem, so I fried his eyeballs into his sockets like that Indiana Jones scene.

~ Mr. Hellvedere

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Mother's Day?

So what about this hallmark, money-grubbing "holiday" now? Is it really needed, considering one's mother should ideally be venerated all the time with presents and kind gestures naturally done out of the love of one's heart anytime of the year, not just one day out of it! Maybe this was invented for those who can't stand their parents otherwise? For still, whatever the reason one is not in close proximity to one another, then perhaps it could be an additional opportunity to consider visiting your matron! She who birthed you into existence.

If you love her, then you will want her with you either contributing to the home she helped found and help provide for, or perhaps somewhere else where family can be together. All provided the family are cooperative of course! With any disagreements ideally resolved in a civil, cordial, evolved manner, worthy of the family name. If they are worthy parentage, then by all means full cooperation is in order; otherwise selective exclusion may be a better course of action if interaction is detrimental to one's evolution. The Addams Family model of the functional family unit is ideal.
Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates! ~ IV Statement.

A note on stratification: Be it known that automatic consideration will not be conferred upon the unworthy regardless of "age", gender, etc. ONLY MERIT.

So what about "mother"? I've been called an "evil motherfucker" before, and come to think of it, there may be some truth to that after all, considering I have in fact joyfully engaged in the pleasures of the flesh with the latter of others' descendence, and the former is always complementary!

But if any day of the year were selected, it would have to be her nativity observance of DRACOVUM, with a viewing of Rosemary's Baby. While on the subject of Demonic Matriarchy, let Lilith & Hecate be considered, as well as their counterparts and representations throughout all cultures.

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible! ~ VI Statement

But there cannot be such a day to commemorate or idolize unworthy progeneration, whose only accomplishment in life is to merely spawn like so much vermin, only to release more of the same into the world! On her part, being so cruelly selfish & short-sided, so as to bring a semblance of 'life' into an impoverished situation of suffering, with the result of such irresponsible, unprotected behavior growing up to become criminals propagating the same stagnant bad habits; & /or purposefully excessively breeding to supplement welfare checks, remaining indefinitely parasitic. Otherwise, perhaps a subtle nod to so-called "father's day", whom do not assume the name anyway, are not present or supportive, or perhaps may have been manipulated and entrapped into unwanted obligation, and otherwise merely cooperate for continuing charity inundation.

These programs are meant as a hand up towards self-sufficiency, not a perpetual hand out. Of course, if blindlight churches and temples were to put their money where their mouth is, they should pay taxes in order to contribute funds beyond their subculture, and into the secular arena.

Responsible Indulgence is key, otherwise only care for that which one is capable.

So enjoy your time with your respective parentage and progeny, however you wish to celebrate it, or not, whether today or any time of the year as one is inspired!