April 22nd, 2018


By his strypes ye are banned!


ITEM: Walmart Weirdly Refuses To Carry Christian Metal Band STRYPER's New Album

So it seems Walmart won't be carrying Stryper's new release, which I find deviliciously ironic, considering now the shoe's on the other foot! So how does it feel to have this turned 360* since the Satanic Panic, who were themselves even scrutinized by some of their blindlighter kin, as being in league with The Devil, in the sense of being veritable wolves in sheep's clothing. Being accused of being a doorway to the Infernal Regions, which Lucifer contrived as being an "Angel of Light" after all, insidiously masking His purposes to lead listeners and fans to The Dark Side.

Long touted as christinsanity's "bad boys" and Metal's "Good guys" it is indeed amusing that an establishment like Walmart founded by redneck xoids are bound to ban some of the best of The Devil's Musick, but because of this double en tendre' title containing "God Damned", which ironically violates the # "commandment" of "taking the "lord's" name in vain", or some such, So in essence, by his stripes ye are banned!

The truth is, like Bob Larson, they have been novelty since their inception by both sides of the spectrum. I actually like much of the MUSIC and carnival-like atmosphere they present with their performances. They have been cribbing from The Devil's Musick for decades without giving The Devil His proper due save in private indulgences hypocritically savored. And there certainly is a price to pay for that! And to top off all the pretension, the album was released on none other than Magus LaVey's High Holiday!

Interesting to note that the cover art resembles a manifestation of Poseidon or Zeus, and the scene from "Clash of The Titans" wherein The Kraken rises from the torrential sea, who is a manifestation of Leviathan & Cthulhu. In another obvious replication of another culture's iconography. Could it be that their kindred have some reason for their critiques? After all, it is said by The Vatican that "The Throne of Zeus" monument is actually The Seat of Satan!