March 16th, 2018

maze, baphomet, technomancy

The Hawk has flown

If there ever was a candidate for brain transplantation technology, he & a choice few others is a sterling example for its propagation; this in the wake of the 200th Anniversary of the Promethean celebration of the unleashing of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Such and similar scientific concepts have been considered sacriligeous by certain theocratic obstacles, which may have already advanced to the point where geniuses such as Hawking may have been preserved, from brain transplantation to cloning technology, and stemcell replication, which provides for timeless regeneration.

"Hawkings" - who like his predatory avian namesake, reaches out into the void, snatching up the knowlede of those gems hidden in the mysterious cosmological darkness; and who also recognized the faerietales of heavenly mythmakers & opportunists as psychological crutches. To move forwards from this inner obfuscation of self-deceit into the treasure-filled outer darkness of space. An evolutionary journey to free the inner microcosm, moving onwards and upwards to the stars.

He himself is the cybernetic archtype of man & machine, akin to TKR Archvillain 'Mobius', and Star Trek's Captain Christopher Pike - the Man/Machine cyborg integration, who by his very condition ironically furthered technology as well.

So, in aknowlegement of his contributions to Science & black hole theorems which have always been complementary to Satanism, is mine own Theory of The Black Hole.

Playboy, not prayboy

Along with the exercise of the intellect and contributions to scientific research, he naturally allowed full expression for his hellthy prurient interests as well, revealed in an interview for Playboy. ∞