January 30th, 2018


Eat it 2

What if instead of the nararene offering to "partake of his body" in the you-ch/rist, it was the so-called "vigin" Mary with robe open with breasts exposed, revealing a succulent shapely figure? I would suppose there would be many more adherents still!

It is known that the enigmatic appeal of the iconic portraits of nazarene and mother stem from a unisex juxtaposition. In one sense, they are two sides of the same coin representing a Matriarchy & Patriarchy, with and without beard.

Baphomet on the other hand represents Balance, a Sin-thesis of The All-One, also significant of The Third Side and Meritocracy, to prosper in accordance to ability and the mettle of One's Intellect, resourcefulness, and the Quality of Creativity. ∞

So the true meaning of the you-christ revealed: the flesh brings forth the sove. Flesh=Penis / 'Blood'=Semen.

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel


Poposer: When it is seemingly popular to consciously be a poser on purpose; to be a lame poptardouchebag with little to no substance; merely "talking the talk" without "walking the walk".

These are prevalent in current culture right now, who demonstrate psychophantic "yes man" tendencies, even donning traditional-appearing attire, markings, and certain misapplied lingo, pretending at experience without earned actuality. ∞