January 16th, 2018


Alphabet of Inquiry

1. Age: {less}. ∞
2. Biggest Fear: ?
3. Currentime: 7:17 am.
4. Drink you last had: Vegetable juice likened 'V8', which balances Me out.
5. Every day starts out with: An erection & Orgasm, then coffee.
6. Favorite song right now: Brackish by KITTIE.
7. Ghosts. Are they real? Yes. Atmospheric/environmental impressions & reverberations.
8. Hometown: Northollywood, CA.
9. Killed someone? Yes, symbolically through Curses, which cause actual demise. Sacrifices who deserve punishment. Cronologued here.
10. Love someone? Yes. Cabbage, Boy, Sambo cat.
11. Middle Name: SATAN.
12. Number of siblings: 2 1/2 siblings.
13. One wish: Transfiguration. Unlimited wealth.
14. Person you last called: Kimchi.
15. Question you are always asked: "Are you a Satanist?"
16. Reason to smile: Good sex, accomplishment, recognition, completion.
17. Song last sung: Cum On Feel The Noize by Quiet Riot.
18. Time you woke up: Approximately 7am.
19. Last thing you ate: Cheddar chips.
20. Vacation destination: Ancestral Mediterranean homelands {Spain, Italy, Greece} / Paranormal centers of Power.
21. Worst habit: Procrastination, biting cuticles.
22. X rays you've had: Dental, right hand, left arm.
23. Your favorite food: Corned beef, Monster cheese, genre variations like Mexican & Italian & American foods. Pudenda!
24. Zodiac sign: AQUARIUS!


Turpin Family Cult & The Crucifix Murder


13 Captives in Christian Family Cult
Krystian cult "parents" incarcerate children, kept in deplorable conditions.

Wherein poignantly upon Religious Freedom Day, should a couple in Perris*, CA be discovered imprisoning their offspring in deplorable conditions, emaciated and malnourished, brainwashed with christinsanity which justifies and perpetuates mental illness across the board; speaking of which, the fundamentalist patron god of the blindlighters is that of misery, slavery, suffering, and death - therefore, perhaps unfortunately for those innocents subjected thereunto, actually seem to personify this bad idealism overall. - Sgt. Demon.
Christian Woman abuses & murders daughter in "Exorcism" attempt

This despicable 'unmother' finally killed her own daughter by literally shoving a medallion down her daughter's throat with a crucifix. Much has been said about "shoving religion down someone's throat", but this is ridiculous! Dangerous, delusional criminality. So instead of seeking professional help for herself first, from whence their diversions and displacements originate, before victimizing the undeserving. - Sgt. Demon.
* Considering the seeming majority who reside in these surrounding areas are seeming repositories of christard mutantypes whose entire existence seems to revolve around cannabis, methamphetamines, & other brain-numbing narcotics, not to mention the literal brain amoebas infesting local bilge water "lake".