October 23rd, 2017


Hail SatAin...!

Reign In Hell: Martin Ain

Thou hast certainly desered thine Throne in Hell. Thine sceptor is thine infernal instrument which stirred the hellfire keys of emotion within the minds and flesh of thousands of empowered souls, opening those Gates unto the Netherealms.

I First became acquainted from the back of the Morbid Tales album, and on a postcard I was given by the owner of The Private Eye. Along with Tom Warrior and Reed St. Mark, Martin Ain stood out most diabolically with the widow's peak, leather trenchcoat, black silken shirt, and Gothic jewelry. Truly in their hellement, they looked like they came up out of Hell and the photographer was fortunate enough to snap this shot, though he may not have survived afterwards, unless they deemed further use.

The heavy musick is absolutely hellsent as well. Plus the artwork upon the albums and the deadly overall complementary aesthetics of Daemon Giger's Artistry of Hell, created a sensation and spectacle to resonate forever in the skulls and bones, and dimensions of those who can feel and resonate.

Curiously, one day when I showed that postcard to the schoolbus driver, inquiring whom he thought looked the most Evil, he immediately pointed at Ain.

Overall, this disincarnation is irrelevant. considering the musick is timeless, and shall continue to be enjoyed powerfully, indefinitely. Well done, Sonic Sorcerer, now possess ye the minds and bodies of those whom ye will. The Gates are open!


Jack off Jessicka

...Don't mind if I do!

Well Hell, didn't expect this from her at all, thinking she was above all this popsychology bullshit, the culture of crybabies, whiners, posers, victimentality wimps, but perhaps she's just using this current trend to attract attention to her artistic endeavors, maybe desiring some sympathy, money, desperately putting her name out there in the media, but at Ramirez's expense.

This used to be called a passionate and wildly romantic relationship , and exciting though extreme interrelation common to artistic types, in a pseudo-sadomasochistic dynamic typical in that demographic as well; and otherwise those of an eccentric or outre' personality, living life in wide strokes, as it were - but now it is seemingly considered "abuse", or some such thin-skinned weakness. If there really is an issue, then that is a different matter, but exagerrating every kernel to a paranoid extreme is unacceptable. Fuck that homogenized, bland bullshit.

So despite the whining, the statute of limitations has run out, so whatever. They had their fun together, so to be picking all that up now is mere pathetic opportunism. And considering the pussy she married, she probably longs for former sexperiences, and considering her submissive proclivities, may just want to be secretly reraped. She is pretty damned hot, so I'd also give it to her hard... just the way she likes it!

{No response from White yet, but Manson has stated that he considers her a friend still, despite these recent allegations blaming his best friend he was unaware of. Now, is it just Me or is Manson starting to look more and more like The Joker?}.
Pushing up Daisies

RIP: Daisy Berkowitz...?

Don't know much about this musician apart from being a member of Marilyn Manson during the emergent Spooky Kids period, before Ramirez came along to replace him due to drug abuse which was aparrently becoming an obsticle to the development of the band, so he was ousted to continue the evolution Manson envisioned. Seems like the correct decision there. A stepping stone, spent ammo perhaps, seems like involvement with the creative nucleus was the highpoint. In any case, whatever.

Manson thought up a great positive/negative dualistic name for him though. Named after sexy farmer's daughter icon Daisy Duke & serial killer David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz, which was far more interesting than "Scott Putesky". Sort of a mediocre musician, but fulfilled his purpose at the time.


The Luciferian spirit of Self-Creation

Be who you are. Forget all that which does not serve one's purposes. Hang on and experience whatever makes you feel good, whatever it is.

Excel at choice entertainment, activities, hobbies, aspirations, proclivities, even vocabulary and spelling. Thrive in your own world.

Wherever your passions take you, follow whole-heartedly.

Religious institutions would deem to make an individual like everyone else of their mold, carbon copies of another according to how that antiquated, irrelevant system wants you to serve their purposes.

But the spirit of self-creation, evolution according to your senses and inherent interests, that is the Luciferian spirit of evilution through revolution, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Only permit those who are complementary, and consider guidlines which contribute and are a reflection of The Self.

Be malleable, and eager through the sense of adventure and the thirst for knowledge, to experience new and unusual things, but steadfast in your self-made destiny.