September 18th, 2017


Weightraining demonstrations

While at the weight section of the department store the other day, I decided to have a quick pumpemup with a couple of sets. Then it occurred to Me that there should be someone demonstrating this equipment to draw more attention to them. A sexy girl or muscular fit male could fit the bill. They could take turns on the machines or freeweights, switching out other participants as the shift progresses. This would pretty much be all part of the display. This should be absolutely mandatory of sports stores, as every employee should be in top physical shape, further providing testament to the benefits of weightraining.

Just as there are mascots parading in front of certain shops. as just as there should be certain novelty architecture enhancing the sources offered, like a depiction of the product and/or activity, statue, etc., so it would also be appropriate to have these sample demonstrations, much like confectionary sources offering samples as well. ∞