August 14th, 2017

winged skull, vampire, predator

Kephri returns!


My little friend appears to be molting now, and is apparently all healed up from some previous misadventure, which rendered him earthbound for a day, where he rested up. Today he actually landed upon a boot, as if to state appreciation from yesterday’s tumbling around in the foxtail grass. I think either his wing or leg may have been injured; flipping him over while spinning around on his back.

He looks like a flying emerald! Quite a blessing indeed, and a tiding of good omen – Immortality, resilience, rebirth, and strength. Ave Setanas. AMON.

Construction for Destruction

So now not only the Keprhi virtually resurrect from his injured condition, but this afternoon I discovered a beautiful spiderweb gracing the side gate, which always portends wealth, an expectation of financial surplus, & things material; favorable possessions.

As scarab beetles represent Strong Life and Health, so arachnids represent Wealth. Yet another tiding of good omen!

But also, considering a recent justified recourse for punishment upon deserving sacrifices, & the timing of such, to be formalized upon the forthcoming eclipse, this construction for destruction seems appropriately omenic as well, as a veritable confirmation of Is-To-Be Diabolical Machination materialization.

* Scarab Rising!