July 18th, 2017

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Sinfully Devilicious...


Famous Dave's Devil's Spit Barbecue Sauce

I was pleased to possess this most savory, spicy sauce recently, to complement the flavor of various meats to enjoy for this seasonal indulgence.

Amusingly designated XXX & for adolts only, alluringly implores to venture further, & of course, just about anything with a devil thereupon as far as confections are concerned, means it will pack a powerful impression upon the gustatory sense, as well as others in kind. And this certainly does not disappoint. Also whereupon small tender lumplings accompany the thick sanguinous liquid.

Now, anointing some of this unholy so-called "devil's spit" while slowly roasting chosen flesh upon the hellfire within one's veritable Devil's Pit will also result in a dark bloody red coloration, courtesy of the health-inducing witch herb turmeric. And the hearty mascot is perfectly chosen as well! A pleasureful creature sure to make a communal feast for a beast!

Originating from an actual establishment with restaurants nationwide, it is a worthy addition to one's own Hellmouth Kitchen.