June 14th, 2017




From The Pits of Hell, I welcome one who will join Me in timelessness, an evocation from small Draclinghood, wherein I took a doberman as demonic familiar. I would walk him around the neighborhood, receiving staring eyes and comments like "It's the Omen!" "Hey Damien!" and "There goes Rosemary's Baby!" All of which was well pleasing, considering I had seen the films, and could relate to them all quite well. Transformation of one has yielded rebirth from another.

Demons manifest

Pazuzu, Humwawa did course as a veritable misty dustcloud, slowly rotating, moving through hidden channels, enveloping sacrifice with ruinous malediction, and black waters ran thickly, wherein Beelzebub was heard and felt.
[References: Urilia Text; Necronomicon].


Trick or Treat assks...

Trick or Treat Asks

Kitkats: What’s your favourite monster/scary fictional creature? Representations of Devils an Demons of all kinds, 'fictional' and not.
Reeses: What monster/scary fictional creature do you think you are most like? A combination of Dracula & Frankenstein, ergo, Dr. Dracenstein.
Candycorn: What is your best Halloween memory? Seeing during Trick or Treating at a North Hollywood home.he Wicked Witch of The West display featuring real actors; When I dressed in My Lord Darkness Legend mask as The Devil, attended by two lovely witches.
Dry Fruit Pieces: What is your worst Halloween memory? Whenever it goes unobserved or uneventful.
Twizzlers: What’s your favourite thing to do for Halloween? Trick or Treat Sex! {All Sinners's Eve/il}.
Milk duds: What is your favourite horror/spooky/Halloween movie? The Halloween Tree, Halloween with The Addams Family, The Munsters' Revenge.
M&Ms: What is your favourite spooky/Halloween music? Nightmare Before Xmas, Scary Sound Effects, The Haunted Mansion.
Nerds: What is your favourite horror/spooky/Halloween videogame? Satan's Hollow, Gorgar, Elvira.
Pixiesticks: What do you want to dress up as for Halloween? Myself.
Sugar bats: What are you probably going to dress up as for Halloween? Satan.
Caramel Squares: Which deceased famous person’s ghost would you want to hang out with? Anton Szandor LaVey.
Candy Stix: What is your favourite and least favourite trick or treat candy? Favourite is Snickers. Least favourite are mints.