May 14th, 2017


The Space Between Us


The Space Between Us
[Genre: Science-Fiction, Romance, Action-Adventure]

More or less if you mix The Boy In The Bubble with E.T., plus a bit of Romeo & Juliet thrown in, you get the general idea of this tale with a clever double entendre title.

A baby is born on Mars during a colonization expedition, to a female asstronaut under questionable circumstances, but dies - so it’s up to teenager Gardner “Elliot”, to search for his father on earth {led by a single photograph}, along with meeting up with his love, all of which proves to be quite an ordeal, from acclimating to the terran atmosphere, in which certain physical modifications are made, yet unforeseen conditions manifest, demanding a return to his home planet. Yet in his short expanse upon earth, he experiences some of the joys of life while traveling together, from rain, the pleasures of the flesh among other delights, while eluding his veritable foster mother & guardian Kendra, and NASA program director Nathaniel Shepherd {Gary Oldman; Dracula}. The plot takes a major turn at the end by the ocean, yet it seems it is just the beginning for this remarkable couple.

There are certainly technologies the government is not informing the public of, and for good cause of unnecessary, if not detrimental disclosure, so in the interest of security, are kept confidential for the time being, with some developments incrementally surfacing for public benefit.

Overall, The Space Between Us is a well-made film worth the viewing.