April 28th, 2017

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

Khun Moo Thai Kitchen


Khun Moo Thai Kitchen
Northridge, CA. | [site]

Very indicative of eclectic Americana, nestled in-between a Subway and Domino’s pizza, within an unlikely mini-mall across the street from Taco Bell and a carwash, is this establishment, which carries an authentic, genuine environment, inspired by an olde world atmosphere, reminiscent of Big Trouble in Little China, where you almost expect a Kung Fu fight to break out, or perhaps Lu Kang to be sitting at a table, but at least the patrons resemble these characterizations quite well. Also what really sets the mood for Me, is the impressive silver dragon statuette by the register, and of course the lovely attentive dragon lady as well…

Confucius say, it would be wise to be prepared to learn a couple of courteous lines to facilitate communication. This restaurant offers many authentic dishes so that indigenous patrons may quell any homesickness. After all, if you want authentic real cultural food, travel to indigenous neighborhoods and otherwise discover hidden gems like this one. A tip is that if you may not necessarily fully understand the sign, it is a great chance that the cuisine is authentic. Try something exotic you've never tried before, in almost anything.