April 24th, 2017

Draconis Blackthorne, shadowgram, Dracomet

Walpurgis Week


The sounds of screeching tires assailed the senses, whereupon investigation yielded a truck who had collided with a bus out in front of the house on Sherman Freeway. The bus driver exited the vehicle, speaking briefly with the automotive driver, probably informing him to contact the agency for reparations. There was some glass on the street, and the fender was briefly dragged a few feet down the street. Other than that, it was eventually towed away and was over with quickly.


he death of one of the current sacrifice's silver fish happened today {the last was March 2}, while the one I have been admiring survived I named Dagon. Then he almost fell right off the stepper. The inertia of the justified Maledixion increases, and shall reach an apex this coming Walpurgisnacht, as well as a supplement.

Necromantic Serenade

Then earlier, all of a sudden My mind was impressed by a tune I recognized but did not know the name of, when I was informed that it is in fact the theme from the film “Love Story”, an Andy Williams song, which My Dracovum hums from time to time. I take this to signify that I Am being comforted and Loved. Thank you, precious Ma, I love you too.

~ Mr. Hellvedere.