April 23rd, 2017


Fete Infame

Fete Infame

Indeed. To provide perspective, and the enhancement of the carnal enjoyment of life everlasting, these positions shall be engaged in per meal. Satanic Grace said, followed by multiple indulgence:

Positioning: Priest/Priestess is seated at table while one participant is seated upon table facing priest/priestess, spread-legged, genitalia exposed. Dish/es located in-between legs. Another kneels/seated comfortably positioned upon a cushion, facing forwards before the Throne, who partakes of his/her thorn/cornucopia all the while. Food is partaken of as usual repast with incremental savoring and/or inserting edibles to complement each bite. Appropriately shaped food savored and utilized as imagined. Upon culmination, the favor may be returned in kind.
Fete Infame
For group gatherings, a nude female or male centerpiece may decorate the table {perhaps upon a pentagram tablecloth}, with dishes, platters, silverware, candles, flowers, etc., arranged around their bodies, while guests are offered a taste of their flesh as preference dictates. May also be arranged with individual participants with places for each as described above.

Gesticulate Pentagram with Left Hand over stomach area, uttering concluding statement: “In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus. SO IT IS DONE.”

All Sinners’ Eve/il

Satantrick or Treating

{May be preceded by introductory steps from The Satanic Bible with The Infernal Names of Lust, and combined with The Grand Sabbat Rite from DRACOMEROTH}

Scene: On Sabbath’s Night, The Devil officiant is seated upon Infernal Throne with tunic draped across legs, under which he/she/both are nude or with easily adjustable undergarments, representing Baphomet/Baphomette. A line forms before them, with those who would savor the thorn and/or cornucopia, each dressed in fetishistic character attire. Disney princesses, devilgirls, witches, Morticias, Vampiras, Lily Munsters, Elviras, etc., as well as otherwise a variety of sexy Halloween costumes.

As each approach the Throne, they bow and ask playfully, “Trick or Treat?” The ‘Treat’ here is defined as Cummunion with resultant Baptism {inclusive of the savoring of breasts}, while ‘Trick’ is defined as the Unholy Satantric Sacrament of copulation & sodomy. Either or both may be engaged in by as many as are requested, singularly or multiple participants at a time. Ideal to replicate the traditional Devil card with one of same or both genders upon each side savoring the rod athrust, and/or demoness’ sweet crevasse. Also, He may ask “Trick or Treat”, desiring her breasts, while otherwise she may ask “Trick or Treat” while presenting her breasts forth.

Celebrations shall continue through the night to dawn.