April 1st, 2017

Devil, incubus, gentleman, martini, scoundrel

What, Me worry?

Had the opportunity to survey the current #544 issue of MAD magazine recently, and what frequently catches My attention is the always amusing depiction of short, erubescent, big-headed, gap-toothed Alfred E. Newman {who always appeared to be some sort of runtish inbred mutant}; but the cover message of "NO TRUMP IN THIS ISSUE", with small lettering offering the preface statement of "Believe us - We really, really wish there was...", which also reminds of Tenacious D's so-called "Tribute {the Greatest Song in The World}", not THE greatest song in the world, mind you, but just a 'tribute' thereunto. It appears that The Devil is indeed in the details.

Speaking of The Devil, probably one of the best issues I recall is #345 that featured a piece from the Beast Meets Jest Dept. entitled The Devil's Advocate, themed after The Black Flame magazine, in the wake of another 6/6/6 anniversary. I did have the occasion to xerox copy the segment and hellmail it in to Central for inspection... it was a hoot!

De-regeur, the issue is filled with a plethora of satirical illustrations from front to back, complete with back cover fold-in page. Spy vs. Spy is there, mentioning "martial arts throwing stars" {why not just say what they are: Shurikens?}. Includes some new art styles, but is lacking those amusing elongated characters.

This publication has been appreciated by Myself for as long as I can remember, read exuberantly at newspaper stands, comic book stores, libraries, etc., wherever they could be found, along with Cracked as well, and shall continue to be so into timelessness.


Loki Day

Contradiction, malediction, with barbed tongue, Mighty Loki arises with weapons and tools of His craft, confound & confuse 'til the stars be numbered, chaos brings rebirth and regeneration. Enthroned with trident aloft, infernal scepter. Midgard, Jormungander serpent, fearsome Fenris, topple marbled walls to plunder treasures for further pleasures, ablaze in brimstone, sulfur, & Hel-fire, erecting The Kingdom in Ragnarok pyre.

Hail Loki! Midgard & Fenris! Hail SATAN.

emon drums echo Coyote...Coyote! Howling winds of Mayhem course through cragged plains and abyssal canyons, Satanimal beasts ride thereupon, piercing with lycanthropic eyes through the dark of the earth, flickering flames with dancing devils consume all upon which they gaze, swirling black smokes of The Pit reveal the face of Satan, taking all into luminescent chanting shadows of timelessness.

Hail Coyote! Hail SATAN.

Originally posted by dblackthorne at Loki Day

April Fool's Day is an entire day dedicated to the clown, the fool, the jester; and as such, all those multimedia entertainments dealing with the character, including circuses and carnivals, and comedy shows.

The Fool: Deviant Moon TarotSome favored films would be IT, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Freaks, Nightmare Alley, Magic, Beetlejuice, The Devil's Carnival, and of course, the namesake horror film. Some recommended shows would be The Three Stooges, Benny Hill, Mr. Bean, Black Adder, Monty Python's Flying Circus, All In The Family. Musically, the scores to those films & shows, as well as Nox Arcana's Carnival of Lost Souls, and Midnight Syndicate's Carnival Arcane.

A day dedicated to the Trickster, Loki and Coyote.

"Draweth near in the gloom the twilight of the gods. The ravens of night have flown forth to summon Loki, who hath set Valhalla aflame with the searing trident of the Inferno." - Prologue, The Satanic Bible.

Harmless pranks may be enacted, either those collected from joke shops, like The Johnson-Smith Company & Archie McPhee, and/or just a playful deception; BUT... it may also be a good time to "get back" at those who deserve a good prank of humiliation to put them in their place, perhaps instructing in a lesson of humility and otherwise to achieve a sense of justice through their embarrassment. Although this should be a persistent pest, be it at an office, school, what have you. Though a prank should be directed towards those who either revel in it, from one prankster/friend to another, or deserving herd, lest the prankster become a disturber himself to be dealt with in a similarly harsh manner.

A good day to embark upon some large scale deception that will bring one gratification. Shibboleth would be an excellent and appropriate choice as well.

Also, if you happen to have any 'enemies' {living, albeit temporarily, or not}, it would also be a good time to reflect upon their foolishness, past and present, for amusement. A veritable Fool's Parade. And of course, let us not forget the sublime amusements of The Circus Maximus. ∞

As a Dracling, I knew a slew of jokes, and related them often, even acted them out sharing them with friends, teachers, and camp counselors. Some of the more salacious jokes I actually learned from them, and I realized that it seemed more shocking coming from Me, which added much to the effect.

As far as 'pranks' were concerned, I didn't often direct any at anyone in particular at the time, but did go through an odd phase of 'webbing' various locations, from school to parks. This consisted of using kite string to entwine about doorways and arches, etc., like a spider hypothetically would. This continued until one day it was actually mentioned on the intercom for the daily morning message. The phase eventually subsided.

Another amusing moment was recording on My Doombox some acquaintances at the time snoring away in the back of the 'party van', which reminded Me of the Three Stooges. When I played it back for them, they were less than amused, but I thought it was hellarious.

Another time I recorded a segment on some morning talk show which featured Sesame Street characters dancing around for whatever reason, but I thought the character known as "Bert" was particularly amusing because of his relative resemblance at the time to an acquaintance, due to an unfortunate hair cut. Again, he was less than amused when I played it for him. ∞