January 14th, 2017



As a contrast to Batman cereal, I decided to grant this confection an inspection, plus, I rather favor caramel wherever found as well. I did go through a Superman phase inspired by the Christopher Reed film, which remains the most balanced depiction in My estimation, then later realized the Nietzschean correlations from whence he was inspired* in the Übermensch {see Thus Spake Zarathustra; ibid}, which made the comic legend a bit more interesting. For its philosophical origins, that "⚡" could very well stand for "⚡atan", in that select sense, despite subsequent presentations asserting the altruistic "hope" in Kryptonian, not to mention the sigil being shaped in the form of a pentagon, perfectly framing the pentagram.

As for the cereal, the caramel actually complements the chocoberry quite well, and there are a set of 7 simple multiple choice questions on the reverse side, while Batman's demonstrate factoids.

* "I want to teach men the sense of their existence, which is the superman, the lightning out of the dark cloud man." - Friedrich Nietzche.