December 31st, 2016


The Wrecking Yard

On this last day of the common year did I venture forth with an acquaintance unto the wrecking yard to acquire some parts, and needed My brawn to help out. I do not normally frequent these places, but I decided to do him a favor in this select case, being it was also overcast, cool with a chance of rain and all.

Strewn about the expansive property are mangled wrecks like a Terminator or Mad Max scenario, and each with their own particular story, usually all morbid, considering the bloodstains on airbags, even perhaps possible organic matter hare and there, which is why it is also important for one to be prepared and take precautions in this environment.

I did find this Scooby Doo Haunted House toy in one wreck {like a Baphomet-like moose head now owned by Turbo Boy Mikey}, along with a packet of Dragon Fruit mix, a red tangy flavor which tasted like fruit punch, but with an imaginatively stimulating, totemic, and Magically enhancing name. Perhaps these people were tragically or critically injured, but there were some interesting items nonetheless that can be appreciated.

With My superior Strength a-la Dracenstein, did I push four tires a distance in the rain until loading them onto a large heavy metal transport, and further pushing it to the entrance. Felt like Conan doing so, but it was ultimately invigorating. However, I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

~ Mr. Hellvedere.