July 9th, 2016


Merit Matters


Sgt. DemonCriminals and black islamic racists focus on Caucasian police officers who are just doing their usual duty, going through the motions by which they are trained. Race is irrelevant in the department; Cops come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, are of either gender, & have personal belief systems which are professionally kept private. I'm sure there are cases where similar situations in reverse have occurred as a normal process of the job, regardless of pigmentation. In regards to this latest incident,

Merit matters. All else is nonsense.

Law Enforcement concentration is upon preserving order, maintaining the law of the land, operating within the system, and removing disruptive elements from society. Nothing personal against suspects, whom the majority of the time just so happen to have previous records, and tend to be repeat offenders. It is merely a matter of safety to approach with caution.

The media focuses on sensationalism for ratings, and is not necessarily a reliable source of information, which the herd tend to adhere to at simplistic face value, reacting on misguided impulse, manipulated to propagate racist propaganda. Ultimately, it is not a matter of race, but of mental instability on either side of the issue. It is truly only a matter of enforcing the Law, preventing anarchy, and preserving civility, regardless of race. ∞

- Sgt. Demon.
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