June 6th, 2016


Blackthorne Productions Testimonials: Philip Esteves

From Philip Esteves, Citizen of the Infernal Empire:

Dracomeroth, The Devil's Scroll, The Devils' Diaries

These diabolic tomes, infernal works, and collections of Blackthorne's are incredible. Scores of Satanists share their insight into topics of all kinds, and Warlock Blackthorne offers and therefore commands an encyclopedia of powerful knowledge; undefiled wisdom which is the unmistakable mark of experience in the performance of satanic rituals, and expanding your world and mind in ways you may not have thought possible. The CoS is infernally blessed for what has been accomplished here by Blackthorne, and I give the sign of the horns! Thank you, for your words.

I absorbed this knowledge, and added these books to my bookshelves because I was ready for these words, and I'm glad I did.


This... is amazing. A book of many books! If one takes great interest in ceremony and ritual, this dark collection will expand one's horizons in a whole new way. Your choices for psychodrama have been multiplied once again. Inside contained are worlds of all kinds, make no mistake - Blackthorne knows how to open the gates of Hell with the best of them!

The creativity of the author burns with the unmistakable black flame of a Warlock I respected immediately. Stay wild!

The Devil's Scroll

Inside The Devil's Scroll, in a fashion that readers of Satan Speaks! and Devil's Notebook (Anton LaVey) will feel somehow darkly familiar with, Draconis Blackthorne puts forth a wide array of truly satanic, third side thoughts. His writings are positively soaked in a unique and very infernal creativity which is intensely refreshing.

Inspired directly by Blackthorne, I uploaded a performance of a particular rite inside this book, the United Satanic America Rite, onto YouTube as an offering to Warlock Blackthorne for Walpurgisnacht and the CoS 50th anniversary, our founding fathers, and our country, United Satanic America.

This rite is available for anyone to watch.

The Devils' Diaries

Unlike anything I've ever seen before, The Devil's Diaries, Vol. 1, Blackthorne Productions, is a massive compendium of perspectives from clever and creative satanists of all kinds, including Warlock Blackthorne,and it was an infernal delight. So many dark treats; each piece burns with ideas that I recognize as true satanic material, and therefore an item of sheer delight to the seekers of more knowledge!


666 Decennial

Upon the decennial anniversary of the historic 666 High Mass, and all the infernal Magic that was conjured reverberating into timelessness, reflective perfection of invocation unto evocation, the resonant Beast arose by will and amassed shadow energy to tread the land, echoing from Hell and in the minds of humanimals throughout the earth...

Behold! The face of Satan did appear through angles of madness & sanity bestowing omnipotent blessings. Abaddon ascended from The Crimson Pit consuming His sacrifices into the netherealms, Lucifer's Hellfire did glow & flicker in the darkness, and succulent Lilith appeared from spectral fog & sulfur in the midst of thorn and crevasse. Mighty cloven hooves trembled the land, casting smoldering impressions on brain and breast, as daemon winds roared by darkened forms empowered! ∞

Manifesto ofThe Beast

Ironically, the number "616" has been proffered as the so-called 'true' number of the Beast. Evenso, when added together, still coincides nefariously. [6+1+6=13] ∞