June 1st, 2016




Two more sacrifices crucify themselves upon Hellgate that serve as veritable keys to The Circus Maximus.


Stealthily deposited during a viewing of Tucker's Witch*, from the crutch of christ denomination, the first is rather nice on glossy card stock, proclaiming so-called the "Armor of God", a Crusader with a scriptural reference, & a knight fielding the stinging arrows of 'The Enemy'. This obviously does not work. However, it does well to place one's own armor to counter the forces of stupidity.

Amusingly, turns out this really is nothing more than a christian dating schedule listing four upcoming events containing BBQ & sports. The term "flat as a board, never been nailed" comes to mind, referring to the nazarene about to receive sentence. ∞

The second is another peonage invitation from the Stepford-like Jehovah's Witnesses displaying a cast of characters with inaccurate hypothetical portrayals of Kings David, Hezekiah, along with Job, & of course jesus - all Caucasian for a three day convention. Again with hardship and victimization themes.

Overall, loser talk for weak minds, once again confirming appreciation for My own religion. ∞

* With Paul Huson {author of Mastering Witchcraft} as 'Executive script consultant'.