April 17th, 2016


Have or have not...

"I can't give any context or explanation - only reply with "I have" or "I have never"
"Never have I ever:"

1: Kissed someone of another gender? I have, quite frequently.
2: Passed out from drinking? I have, many a time. Real partying doesn't seem true unless one eventually passes out.
3: Vomited from drinking? I have, and it is disappointing.
4: Embarrassed yourself while drunk? Probably, in a fun sort of way, but do not recall specifically, though all the "Deathbangers" did at one point or another.
5: Smoked? I have. As a matter of fact, My favorite cigarettes are Marlboro Black.
6: Taken drugs? I have, to experiment, and find that these are not desirable to Me, preferring nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol My drugs of choice.
7: Been told off by the police? Like insulted? I have never. Warned? I have. Asked to move on? I have.
8: Been arrested? I have, and have learned from these undesirable experiences.
9: Gotten in a proper fight? I have, but mostly Martial Arts. Others do not tend to want to engage with Me because of My skills, size, and other intimidating factors, and justifiably, wisely so.
10: Won a fight? I have. All.
11: Lost a fight? I have never.
12: Made out with a friend? I have, enjoyed it, and would do so again.
13: Had sex with a friend? I have, enjoyed it, and would do so again.
14: Had sex with a stranger? I have, enjoyed it, and would do so again.
15: Dumped someone? I have.
16: Been dumped? I have.
17: Been in the wrong in a breakup? I have.
18: Asked someone out and been accepted? I have.
19: Asked someone out and been rejected? I have never. Things tend to sort of just happen.
20: Regretted a breakup? I have.
21: Regretted going to a party? I have never. One way or the other, a great time is had.
22: Been jealous of an ex's new partner? I have never. They pine for Me still, whether or not they admit it, and others are lost by comparison.
23: Had an argument with a partner? I have. It happens, but for legitimate, important reasons.
24: Made a partner cry? I have. Both inadvertently and purposefully, mostly to prove some point.
25: Been made cry by a partner? I have. Mostly as a means to an end.
26: Made a friend cry? I have never. Not that I recall, and certainly not purposefully.
27: Been made cry by a friend? I have never that I recall, unless said friend was merely dispensing news about a beloved.
28: Stayed up all night crying? I have.
29: Stayed up all night drinking? I have. For several months straight at a time. ∞

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Crystal questions

Agate: How do you see yourself? Evil God incarnate, Omnipotent Sorcerer.
Amethyst: How often do you meditate? About once a day in the sense of delving into one's subconscious and concentrating on one's own thoughts and events of the day. Communing with The Daemon within.
Blue Quartz: List five things that make you happy. Sex, accomplishment, a satisfying meal, complements, acquisitions.
Carnelian: Tell us a story about when you were strong. Like when I had to walk miles in a unfamiliar city back to a temporary domicile after being dropped off at an establishment to better Myself; a period of time until I relocated.
Celestite: What is your ambition in life? To be wealthy and make a living via My creative efforts; to have a harem of nubile lovers.
Charoite: Where do you feel safest? In My Noctuary, where I have privacy and all My tools at My disposal.
Fire Opal: What is your vision for the future? Recognition, advancement, elevation, respect. Remaining safe & secure in one's lair until such time as one voluntarily relocates to a bigger and better dwelling. Lovers of all sorts desperate for My pleasure.
Fluorite: What have you been focused on lately? Collecting material for the forthcoming Devil's Diary magazine.
Garnet: What have your emotions been lately? Frustration, disgust, annoyance; My life at its best is mystery.
Golden Calcite: Are you healing from anything at the moment? No.
Hessonite: What is a current goal of yours? To publish The Devil's Diary magazine XXVI: Walpurgisnacht L A.S.
Kunzite: What grounds you? Sex.
Kyanite: Who has taught you the most in life? SATAN. Myself. Magus LaVey.
Malachite: How do you best express yourself? Writing, Art.
Petalite: List the steps of an ordinary day of yours. Awaken, pleasure, make coffee, chores/responsibilities* {wash dishes, feed cats, clean litter, sweep, make bed}, check communications {inhale: email, various sources}, make breakfast, work {exhale}, update Blackthorne Theater, watch movie, nap, make & eat dinner, watch Knight Rider {Turbo Hour with the Cabbies}, "turban" {relax, digest}, check sources, pleasure, sleep. {*"Responsibility to The Responsible". Keeping oneself & one's environment clean, accumulating energy, enhancing Magic, preserving respectability, a basic function of evolution}.
Petrified Wood: Do you remember any your past lives? No.
Quartz Crystal: Who do you feel most supported by? SATAN. The Cabbie, most times.
Red Jasper: Do you consider yourself grounded? Yes, when needs be, though I prefer to be in the realm of The Imagination, creativity, Magic made reality.
Ruby: Who are you most connected to? SATAN. Inner Daemon.
Smokey Quartz: Are you protective? Yes, with Me & Mine, definitely.
Spirit Quartz: Who do you consider family? Those who earn the privilege; those who I develop a particular affection for.
Tiger's Eye: Tell us a pain from your past. All those moments of separation or relocations I refer to as Tribulations.
Titanium Quartz: Do you consider yourself open-minded? About most things that do not intrude upon My peace of mind & body.
Turquoise: Tell us about a lesson you've learned. Don't drink & drive, or do anything illegal. It's not worth the anxiety.
White Calcite: Where do you go for guidance? SATAN. The Daemon within. If I need to address a pertinent situation, I ritualize, or "Go see & talk with Satan". ∞