March 30th, 2016

Hell Gate


The Shadowmirror / Daemon Mirror

It was impressed upon Me to add a {black} looking glass {and otherwise highly reflective material} unto the vicinity of The Altar of Satan in order to serve as a Portal. This shall enhance The Ritual Chamber adding a Shadowmantium effect, increase facilitation for Daemonic Forces, and serve as a psycho-projection receptor. Intended as an additional inclusion to the Infernal Tools.


  • To be placed in the light of the full moon and/or during a lunar eclipse, charging from Midnight to dawn.
  • Consecrated with The Hellements: Each traced with The Pentagram.
    • By Hellfire/The Black Flames of Hell {black candle}.
    • By the Raging Waters of Styx/Cocytus {Aspergent/Phallus dipped in Chalice containing "unholy water"; e.g., that consecrated to Leviathan by The Cornu & Pentagram}.
    • By Lucifer's Demonic Winds & Infernal Blacklight {incense}.
    • By The Black Earth {brambles/leaves}.
  • Place either upon The Altar face itself or within near the base, signifying The Abyss.
  • Cover with a black cloth and/or that bearing the pentagram insignia at all times, lain hidden inside the firmament until The Rites of Darkness are initiated.
  • To be revealed first after The Bell is wrung, with The Pentagram traced with the left hand o'er the entire circumference with The Words of Power "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus" & recitation of appropriate Enochian Key as to the purpose of The Rite.
  • May also accompany use with Satan's Ouija, Scrying, and Vampiric Communion. ∞

Dracovum in excelsis

Playful & Puckish by nature, presented here are but a few of her favored musical selections.
  • Twisted Sister: The Price - This song conjures memories of my mother singing along in the car while going to and fro on various errands and destinations, from Karate classes to school, sometimes with friends of Devin Black. For some reason, this song captured her ear, to which she would sing along to our great amusement, especially considering her accent.
  • Lipps, Inc.: Funkytown - Here is another tune she favored at the time, which she would sing along to whenever it came on the radio. She's a pip! So in honor of her birthday, here's to a wonderful lady with boundless energy, a great sense of humor, and an always optimistic attitude.
  • Petula Clark: Downtown - I imagine this song did provide some consolation, inspiration, and perspective to a new girl in the big city. From HHS, to Valley College, to Marinello, Borrelli's, & JC Penney.
  • Alley Oop: The Hollywood Argyles - A jaunty little tune in friendly-natured jest by co-workers. Ergo, "Eli-Oop".
  • The Godfather: Speak Softly Love - Frequently heard being whistled.
  • Clint Holmes: Playground In My Mind - Sings this every time it comes on the radio, and may apply it to Me as well.
  • Suffice it to say that Andy Williams is probably her top all-time favorite singer, who adds that charismatic smooth crooner's touch to just about any song. Those included in the playlist she frequently sings, hums, or whistles. Probably an ideal infatuation. ∞

Today marks the day the Dracovum herself was birthed, wherefrom an ancient land filled with Magic did she cross into this dimension, a Natural Witch clandestine with Conquering Blood took root by The Great Satan to fulfill pride with Azrael's cosmetic alchemy.

And so it came to pass the essence of SATAN did pass through her, Draegon made immortal flesh.

She is The Keeper of The Gate. The joys of life are hers within to revel, with charms resplendent, enriching those who share her presence. So it shall ever be, and so it shall be again. ∞

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70's slang, movies, tv shows

How Well Do You Know 1970s Slang?
I got 21 of 22 right

You're a real child of the 70's...whether you were alive then or not! You did excellent on this quiz, showing that you know almost everything there is to know about the dialect of the 1970's. Some of it may feel a bit dated now, but a good majority still remains common in our daily language, and we're sure you use it frequently. Good work!

I do not see any reason to limit terminology. Just speak that which resonates with oneself, no matter where it derives. The photo reminds Me of the flights I took on TWA, in which I was given a pin.

Can You Name These 1970s Movies?
I got 17 of 18 right

From Jaws to Taxi Driver, you sure know your 1970s movies! They just don’t make movies like these anymore do they? We had so many movies to choose from it was nearly impossible to pick, and this quiz probably took us longer to make because we got caught up watching these great movies half the time!

Can You Name These 1970s TV Shows?
I got 16 of 16 right

From Archie and Wonder Woman, to The Charlie's Angels, you are truly a 70s TV Master! Maybe you remember cramping around your old big-box TV with the family, TV dinners in hand, and being blown away by the new generation of TV shows.

I used to be a veritable TV Guide Myself, but these shows are worth it. The Satanist and connoisseur of entertainment fair derives gratification from wherever derived, regardless of common designations.

That is a fantastic photo of The Bunkers. I have seen them all many times over, & watch All In The Family now and then.