March 24th, 2016


Are you an angel or A Devil? Mythological creatures

Are you an angel or A Devil?

A Rogue

You're what our mothers used to call 'a bad influence.' You were that friend we all wanted to follow. You know the one ' the one jumping off the bridge. And somehow you always made it look so fun, not to mention effortless. You're a wild one. And everyone loves you for it.
Excellent. Story of My life, and probably always will happen. Dictum #X: STAY WILD. Probably the most Satanic result. A perfect balance - Devil SATAN, Angel LUCIFER, The Dracomnium. Characteristics according to those who deserve it.

Ψ A Devil Ψ

You're pretty much irresistible. People are drawn to your wild and wicked ways. You can hypnotise others into doing things they probably wouldn't dare to do on their own. Yes, you're a bit of a scoundrel. But you're a whole lotta fun!

\,,/ HELL YES. BTW, I like the 9 shape of the question Devil's mark. ∞

Can you name all 25 Mythological creatures?

24 out of 25

Excellent! You're a masterful mythologist!