March 20th, 2016


76 questions

1. favorite dessert? Pudenda pie. Otherwise, depending on mood, chocolate-covered cheesecake, brownies, fruit pies {particularly apple}, cookies 'n' cream ice cream.
2. if you could have your hair dyed any color you wanted, which color would you choose? Black with purple or red highlights. Otherwise, black/red gradient.
3. favorite fictional character? BATMAN, which is ironic, because He is an archetype of real qualities in superior individuals. He is the Satanic antihero.
4. do you swear a lot? No. That is reserved for special occasions, which grant these curses much more potency.
5. favorite disney film? Beauty & The Beast {reminds Me of Macabra; and otherwise I can relate to The Beast}, Pocahontas {for the Luciferian message contained}, Snow White {ECI qualities}, Sleeping Beauty {Evil Queen & Dragon}, Fantasia {Mighty Tchornibog & Night on Bald Mountain}.
6. favorite youtube channel? Mine.
7. who's your favorite person on the planet? MYSELF.
8. which color do you wear the most? BLACK.
9. do you have any pets? Not at this time. I prefer reptiles such as snakes and bearded dragons, lizards. Otherwise, Bull-Mastiff, Doberman hellhounds. Although I have had a variety, including rats & cats.
10. favorite horror film? THE DEVIL'S RAIN.
11. how many languages can you speak? 2. English, Spanish, some sign language.
12. favorite band? Depends on mood & genre. From King Diamond, Type O Negative, Venom, Celtic Frost, Danzig, to Acheron, Bathory, Bach, Mozart, et al.
13. what's your spirit animal? SNAKE, Basilisk, Dragon.
14. do you prefer to watch movies online or go to the theatre? Online, in My private chamber, unbothered by the herd.
15. show a sample of your handwriting.

16. have you ever visited another country? Yes. Italy. Would like to do a European tour one day, especially the Mediterranean ancestral homelands.
17. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? A couple of rare $2 bills in the physical wallet. Had about $55 in the digital wallet, which was recently transferred to pay the internet bill.
18. do you know how to sing or play an instrument? Sing. Vocal instrument.
19. what do you wear to sleep? Nothing.
20. have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? Yes, but never so far up that it got stuck.
21. when was the last time you cried? Reading that question.
22. do you like ghosts or skeletons better? Probably skeletons, as I tend to scare ghosts.
23. what food are you usually craving? Flesh.
24. be honest, do you masturbate? Of course.
25. what kind of phone do you have? VTech.
26. what was the last song you listened to? "It's Magic" by Doris Day.

27. what's your favorite object in your room? All of them.
28. do you like claymation or cgi better? Both if they are done well, but mostly Claymation.
29. how would you describe your style? Draconian. Part Noir, part Metal, part Goth. All Satanic.
30. have you thought about sex in the last 24 hours? YES. Most of the time, actually.
31. are you tired right now? A little sleepy, as it is near dawn. Roosters are quite literally crowing.

32. favorite sea creature? Cthulhu. Otherwise, shark.
33. favorite flower? Dracondia.
34. would you ever get a tattoo? Not likely. But if so, a personal Satanic symbol like the Shadowgram, Dracomet, Draegomet. I have also considered a long-haired horned skull with the full moon in the background.
35. what's the riskiest thing you've ever done? Walking on the edge of a dam at camp, teetering on the edge the grand canyon with only one hand at a time of Uncle Xavier.
36. which social media site do you use the most? facebutt system.
37. favorite decade? 1966-1999.
38. are you a feminist? Not in the typical sense, but I Am fully supportive of Satanic Witchery {TSW}, and glean modified techniques therefrom.
39. would you say you sleep too much? NO. Probably not enough, actually.
40. how many piercings do you have? None.
41. what's the last thing you bought online? Satanic Panic books. I had actually ordered Household earlier, but had to cancel due to pending bill. But will again soon.
42. are you an introvert or an extrovert? A bit of both, depending on purpose and mood.
43. are you underage? Not that I know of, but I do get carded from time to time.
44. which fictional character's house would you want to live in? The Addams Family or The Munsters' house, with a personal Blackthorne spin, of course. Although The Addamses are actual archetypal, prototypical reflections of Satanists.
45. what did you dress up as for halloween last year? Myself.
46. what's something you want for your birthday? Threesome, or the more the merrier.
47. have you ever skipped a class while in school? Yes.
48. have you ever gone skinny dipping? Yes, in an acquaintances' jacuzzi, with Myself, a couple of girls, and an insecure nerdy fellow who kept on repeating "I'm getting naked... I'm getting naked..." as he undressed.
49. do you ever get zits? Not usually no, except when I eat greasy fried foods, which makes Me feel gross & queasy, so I don't.
50. have you ever sent a nude photo? A nude 'part' is more like it. A lovely photo of Macabra partaking in Communion.
51. are you religious? Yes. Satanism.
52. what's your ringtone? Don't have one, but if I did, probably a gong, otherwise a plain ring.
53. would you rather go to a zoo or an aquarium? Zoo.
54. how tall are you? I tend to alternate between 6'-6'3".
55. do you like kids? Not usually, except for a select 1% who would be infernal progeny as sensed as reflective.
56. what are some of your pet peeves? Stupidity, retards, trashiness, hot weather. lightmare {B.U.G.S.}
57. would you say you have a popular blog? More or less, and growing all the time. If only more people were honest about it.
58. last thing you ate? Steak & eggs.
59. waffles or pancakes? Depends on mood, of course, but I think I tend to like pancakes a little better. As a matter of fact, that is what I had for breakfast for the last couple of days, with cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in.
60. favorite fruit? Bananas, oranges, apples, grapes.
61. are you in any physical pain right now? No.
62. what is your gender identity? Mostly male.
63. shoe size? 12/13.
64. last concert you went to? London After Midnight.
65. if you could have one superpower, what would it be? Complete mind control and/or shape-shifting for sexual gratification.
66. could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette? I suppose, but would not want to deprive Myself of such a pleasure if desired.
67. favorite singer? Peter Steele {TON}, Steve Perry {Journey}, Messiah Marcolin {Candlemass}, Glenn Danzig.
68. how old are you?
69. what's something you know a lot about? The Occult. Horror movies, for starters.
70. which of your tumblr friends have you known the longest? Church of Satan.
71. what color was your hair in 2013? BLACK.
72. cake or pie? BOTH.
73. are you a hopeless romantic? Mostly, I suppose.
74. would you kiss the person in your icon? YES, definitely.
75. what were you doing at 12 in the morning? Turbo Hour! {Dinner & Knight Rider}.
76. can you draw well? I think so.

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Autumn Asks

🍂- best part of Autumn? Scent in the air, winds, Halloween decorations.
🎃- favorite way to celebrate Halloween? Sex in costumes.
🍁- top 3 signs Autumn is starting? Cooler weather, Halloween decorations & catalogs, falling orange, yellow, brown leaves.
👺- ultimate Halloween costume? Me as Satan.
👻- best ghost story/movie? Beatlejuice, Ghostbusters, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark series.
☕️- coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Chocolatte iced Coffee.
🕸- scariest Halloween memory? Nothing really "scary" per se, but there were a couple of awkward moments where a drunken guy holding a beer can called his friends over to take a look at My costume, and offered Me a drink; and when some older high school girl scrambled to find some candy so I would leave. Probably the 'scariest' thing would be nothing to do, feeling left out, watching others having fun.
🌙- where would you want to spend halloween? In bed with many lovers dressed in fetishistic trick or treat costumes.
🍎- favorite fall food? Candy apples, fruit pies, and chocolate!
🌽- ever been in a corn maze? Maybe, but not recently.
🏈- favorite football team? None, but I did go through a Rams phase as a little Dracling, probably subconsciously drawn to the goat-like imagery. Evolved beyond that spectator sport in favor of superior Martial Arts.
📚- in school/college? Went.
👢- favorite Autumn accessory? Baphomet, Pentagram.
🦃- best food on Thanksgiving? HAM.
🍏- post a picture that perfectly describes Autumn to you!
Samhain Returns

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Hell Gate

Vernal Equinox L A.S.

Season LeviathanSEASONS IN HELL

Season Leviathan

The seasons are in flux, one upon the other, Great Draegon Ouroboros shifts in timelessness, the earth in kind 'neath the shadow of leathern wings of night. Demon Winds whisper foreboding omens of tempest thrall. Myriad Daemons fearsome, pour forth from Stygian depths through pentangles and archways made of root, thorn, and vine, gates of subterranean recesses from earth and from mind, in darkness peering with glistening eyes.

By Nature's abundant burgeoning, succulent Lilith ever inflamed, offering forbidden fruits of carnal knowledge consumed joyfully in gardens of dark delights, one to another, thy sumptuous maidens emerge to partake from eternal Dionysian founts overflowing.

Monoliths athrust, beaming amidst fog-laden moors, connected resonant, ancient energy flourishing anew, an endless cycle of regeneration, coursing omnipotent. Arise wherein hellements conjoined, phantom forms at All-One, mysteries revealed to those who dwell therein. Remembered and never forgotten. ∞

In Nomine ϟΔ|ΔNΔϟ,

Warlock DRΔ☾☉NIϟ BLΔ☾K|H☉RNE
Vernal Equinox, L A.S. ∞
The Haunted Noctuary