March 13th, 2016


What film...

One might think that the writers would have talked to you before they wrote the film. You’re life plays out in this film and many aspects can be found in your life. You can be really proud of what you've already achieved, for you have fought hard! Share your result with your friends and show them what film best represents you!

/,,/ Kelvin Frazier.

Coat of Arms



D A M | E N

DAMIENSuffice it to say that Damien has always been quite distinctive, physically and mentally.* This Damien somehow seems too "light" in overall complexion and acting ability, even while appropriately concentrating solely on the character & story line.

Of course, the familiar Hellhounds return, three in fact, as well as a reincarnation of infernal protector Mrs. Balog in Ann Rutledge. He does discover the birthmark as well.

Filling the gap between Military School graduation and the establishment of Thorn Industries as a war photographer, he apparently endures a bout of amnesia, with some stimulus arriving from various sources to trigger memories of who he truly is, from contact with a mysterious old woman, an interloping priest, to the nazarene vassal, with those wonderful scenes from the films projected. Naturally, all those who 'cross' his left-hand path meet with grisly fates while attempting to thwart his destiny, which can seem unfortunate at times, but ultimately necessary for a greater glory.

So far, this presentation gives the impression of being a rather 'reluctant Antichrist', while Damien has always relished in his Power & identity.

Additionally, it is noted that DAMIEN was not unleashed on June 6th, 2016, 6/6/6, as is tradition with this series.

I look forwards to this manifestation yielding an intensification and acceptance, a full utilization of his diabolical nature, that it may be complementary to the sinematic series. ∞

* In all honesty, I found this Damien to be rather lackluster so far {but it is yet only the inaugural episode}, like taking an unremarkable, regular guy off the street and all of a sudden proclaiming him The Antichrist. We shall see.

ADDENDUM 3/16: Inferior Christian vermin attempted to harm Damien with a dagger of Megiddo, which was justifiably met with impalement for its effrontery; and Damien was escorted down into his own 'Timeless Capsule' chamber {Dracomeroth} by Ms. Rutledge. These are pleasing Devilopments. It is becoming more intriguing. ∞