January 15th, 2016


Forever Snape

From My perspective, one of the very few worthy presentations post-2K is the Harry Potter series, with Professor Snape as one of My favorite characters therein, and the only portrayal from this actor that I find particularly interesting. The intense Dark Sorcerer demanding hexcellence from his students. I can somewhat relate to him, as time and time again, there have been those who have come to Me seeking advice, oracular readings, to Magical help - even Baptisms, and I have always been content to oblige, with payment options open for discussion.

I actually once wrote a hypothetical schedule when pre-Dracomeroth THE OMNIS first manifested of what a course on Magic would entail - even questionnaires, cross-references, and homework - it was in this manner that I schooled Myself in the Magical Arts from various Occult genres and traditions, from Kabbalah to Solomonic Ceremonial Magic to Demonology and Satanism*. This became the basis for My own "Magic Circle" that I eventually shared with interested others, as a sort of prospected "Hogwart's School of Witchcraft & Wizardry".

I became aware of the HP series from a Satanic Parenting newsletter printed out from the web at a local campus, becoming curious with the favorable recommendation, which prompted further exploration, and was very pleased with what I found, becoming a favorite literary series ever since, reading a chapter a night until all successive books were devoured. It speaks to the Dracling within, igniting infernal progeny with the excitement of discovery, birth right and evolution.

I recall a Y Camp newsletter where I contributed a poem and the cover image, which consists of all the members of My group in dark, celestially monogrammed robes, appearing like a veritable 'coven' of Warlocks & Witches. An early, and obvious indication of infernal dispositions.

When the films were released from within the pages of those books, I was pleased to see and eventually collect them, then enriching the experience by reviewing them, making them more personally profound, as they do contain nuggets of Magical truths throughout, as if Rowling was taking notes here and there from various Magicians, and historical creatures of the preternatural - from character traits, to similarities in disposition, appearance, nomenclatures, terminology, and general techniques, which makes these productions all the more relative. Even the classification of muggles bears strong threads of reality, as in proles, simps, rubes, stupes, and normals.

When desiring this fantastical fare bearing seeds of veritos, the series is an incredibly well-done psychodramatic proposed idealization of what such an institution would be like. In many figurative instances, it's almost like living the experiences portrayed on screen, like a projected part of oneself thereunto with complementary resonance.

Amusingly, upon My own session with The Sorting Hat, I was placed in Slytherin, not surprising as being the most diabolical, and a personal Draconian "petronus" as My own Basilisk.

Snape is an immortal archetype, whose presence in the series shall be forever appreciated.

Most pleasingly, I have recently learned that Universal Studios plans on creating an HP total environment, which shall be a marvelous Black Earth excursion. ∞

Warlock DRΔ☾☉NIϟ BLΔ☾K|H☉RNE
§lytherin House, Walpurgis Knight

* Of course, needless to say, the Harry Potter series provides for magnificently evocative, infernal progeny entertainment fair, while the actual bibliography, guidelines, realization, etc. of Satanism is The Satanic Bible, and those books which complement one's own psychodrama / mystical mindset.