January 12th, 2016


Money $hots

  • 1. YES. Many a time. Had My 1st drink at Ricky's house in North Hollywood, and remember walking down Hart Street back home to Hinds about 4 blocks feeling buzzed. I believe I was also having My 1st taste of Mercyful Fate's Don't Break The Oath as well that day. When I moved to Baldwin Park, as Devin Black I found this little store nearby named "Seasons Market" where the "Deathbangers" acquired many a 12-pack of Blitz Weinhard {similar to Pabst} for party all-nighters. Have enjoyed various beers since, but I seem to prefer malt liquor as far as beer is concerned, best. It's like a robust beer shake.
  • 2. YES. 3 times, and underwhelmed by the experience every time. I always tend to just pass when offered, preferring beer & cigarettes.
  • 3. NO. Butt I knew one skinny little guy who relished in it nicknamed "Joxer" after the Xena character, for his penchant of pretending to be a Viking or something. He fancied himself a so-called "demmis" which always sounded like 'dentist', which was hilarious in itself. He practically begged to run around naked. So one night, while staying at an acquaintances' house, I instructed him to display his fun-dillo to the resident lesbian former acquaintances therein, which promoted much disgust and aghastment, after which he ran down the street naked; the only thing missing was a horned viking hat, with maybe a torch. He is a born fool, and enjoyed such unflattering attention.
  • 4. YES. While at a graduation party at a home with a pool/jacuzzi combination, I decided to enter the warm bubbling water with an awkward acquaintance in order to be closer to these girls we fancied. Well, he was the classic "nerd" type, and upon removing his clothing kept repeating in a nasely voice, "I'm getting naked... I'm getting naked..." The girls were unimpressed by this rather pathetic display. He would later make a spectacle of himself in class by inappropriately yelling, threatening, and insulting several classmates, then walking off and disappearing. It was a scenario wherein one could foreseeably expect the type to return with a firearm and begin shooting up the school, but he disappeared instead. It seems that the only element that kept him in line is his fear of Me, evidenced by the frightened looks and avoidance he subsequently demonstrated. Good riddance.
  • 5. YES. Unfortunately, on a couple of occasions for a couple of indiscretions dealing with intoxication and mistaken decisions, like drinking & driving and 'borrowing' the car. Always very cooperative, however, and perhaps it was for the best at the time.
  • 6. YES. Relating to the previous answer.
  • 7. NO. Lame. However, I'm sure The House was on at least a couple of occasions due to unevolved neighbors across the street at a former residence at the time, who were clearly intimidated. This is one of those cowardly, non-thinking passive-aggressive reactions.This was the same location as the "Hate Thy Neighbor" incident.
  • 8. NO. Have always been a careful driver.
  • 9. NO. Although it has been "played" by others at pretty much all former residences including this one. Little {and perhaps not so little} 'kids' daring one another to knock on the Haunted/Devil House's door and such - sort of amusing in an infantile sort of way. But again, lame and obnoxious.
  • 10. NO. Not in public, anyway. Sing all the time in private, though. I have actually considered putting out a series of covers as well as a couple of My own tunes, and perhaps may do so in the future still.
  • 11. YES. That was Italy. Still plan on traveling back there, and to Spain and Greece too - all the Mediterranean ancestral lands, as well as that Black Earth Tour I mentioned in a previous entry.
  • 12. YES. I recall Victory, probably for fighting in the yard, as well as Carpenter. Detention too on a couple of occasions. And that was always the conundrum. Academically operating at an advanced level, yet having "behavioral problems" from time to time.
  • 13. YES. Successfully accomplished on purpose to leave Village Christian by merely breaching the 'dress code' - that is to say, wearing a band shirt out in the open, and allowing My hair to grow over My ears and collar. This was around the time of the infernal realization. Then I transferred to San Fernando High where I could moreso be Myself.
  • 14. No. Not counting the time I went to I think was a speedway likened Saugus with Rick to race around a track in turbo cars, and the time I zipped down a hill in a sled-like vehicle near Santa's Village.
  • 15. YES. Unfortunately so, but never from anyone I knew. It was a tape from a 'Sam Goody' in West Covina, whose entire company went defunct soon afterwards. Then later a Sacrilege cassette from Music+Plus in Covina, who also bit the dust.
  • 16. NO. Not that I recall, but it may not have been too far of a stretch for the Dracling to do when I really got a wild hair. Probably around the time I was secretly weaving kite string before doorways like spiderwebs.
  • 17. NO. Another infantile lame game.
  • 18. NO. Thank Satan. Came close a couple of times, though. I firmly believe discovering The Satanic Bible when I did proved a balancing factor in My development, affirming responsibility, a meditative focal point of higher evolution.
  • 19. YES. Certainly. I remember spending the afternoon in the hallway on a couple of occasions; once while the class went on a field trip to whale watch. Parents were also called. It was depressing to feel left out like that, and I learned a valuable lesson. It may have been shortly thereafter when I accepted the responsibility of becoming a Safety Officer.
  • 20. NO, nor care to. I've never been a "fanboy" or "groupie" type, which seems diminishing. If anything, a mutual admiration of eachother's work of excellence is notable, if they are actually worthy to high standards in the field of endeavor, and not just some plastic poptard neo-talent. Also considering the types they tend to be, such as brat spermatezoans {Microscopic Spermatezoa, The Devil's Scroll}, as well as the herd granting them so much attention, like being a polished turd god of wastrels and dregs. No thank you.
    $180 [1+8+0=9]