January 3rd, 2016


What is your word for 2016?

Random generator. Typically, the herd actually place some sort of stock into these types of superficial things in an attempt to substantiate their otherwise meaningless, mediocre existence in pathetic attempts at validation, instead of supplementation through accomplishment & merit. No substance.


If anything, these will be manifested according to Will. I tend to have most of these in abundance already, with the logical exception of "friends", which are far and few, as most are merely acquaintances, and proof of friendship is required. "Love" is truthfully {another one!} translated as LUST, with the possibility of further consideration. ∞

  • Love: LUST, with the possibility of further consideration in regards to lovers and mates. There are several types of "love" however - from levels of 'agape' to eros. The mutual love of true family, pets, activity, possessions. {See 'Love & Hate', The Satanic Bible, LaVey; 'My Dark, Satanic Love', Nadramia; 'Evilove', The Devil's Scroll, Blackthorne}.
  • Change: Evolution as desired, by will or experience or gratification. Perfection in completion.
  • Future: The Is-To-Be, according to My creation.
  • Happiness: Manifests according to accomplishment, satisfaction, indulgence, fulfillment of desires, the sense of Power.
  • Innovation: Comes naturally to The Satanist. Breaking and otherwise making the mold, as it were, while setting standards of excellence along the way.
  • Truth: That which is uncorrupted by falsehoods; the purity of Being. The ability to perceive and manipulate reality, and the materialization of one's visualization.
  • Wisdom: Undefiled knowledge & wisdom applied where appropriate. Reason & instinct in balance.
  • Friendship: Earned to forge true allies. Mutual experience with another.
  • Joy: The feeling of unfettered bliss in the realization of The Self. The pleasures of the flesh. The pleasure of doing that which is pleasing to oneself, and deriving Strength from such activity.