November 16th, 2015


Paris, Witch's Style


All this talk of Paris reminded Me of this BEWITCHED episode, featuring the fantabulous Maurice. An obstinate Dobin is zapped up onto the Eiffel Tower for the amusement of the Warlocks & Witches.

...And her French Pastry is delicktable. Another French-themed episode wherein Napoleon is summoned, who perhaps should be again, along with the 'spirit' of Vlad Tepes, for diabolic justice. The always jovially pranky Warlock Uncle Arthur pays a visit, but is typically treated rudely by Derwood, resulting in amusement when mortals are left to their own devices.

Really, no self-respecting Witch or Warlock would take muggles seriously for anything other than servitude and/or entertainment for whatever personally gratifying purpose. For any serious contemplation, to each their own kind.

Of note, features the acting talents of Henry Gibson as Napoleon, whom Knerds will recognize as Donald Crane from Voodoo Knight [S4/E22], as well as Nazi Nikolas from Wonder Woman {premiere episode "The New Original Wonder Woman" [S1/E1]}, & Villain Marion Mariposa {WW "Screaming Javelins" [S2/E14]}.